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  1. Good point Looks like the thread over there has been deleted too, btw.
  2. I would be quite surprised that Osgood would REGISTER with a Pens board to post, don't you have to fill out some sensitive stuff to register? Like your email address at least?
  3. Well, it means I can stop that obsessive counting in my head I do when watching him play. I start counting whether the puck goes to one of our players or one of their players when it leaves his stick...
  4. I think Hossa will agree to take less money for next year....and sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins...hey he'll say he wants to win the cup.
  5. Force Sid to hand it to us.
  6. On a sorta, kinda unrelated thing, has any team in the modern era (needing 16 wins to take the cup) gone 16-0 in the playoffs? If not, how close has any team come?
  7. Thanks, I knew someone would educate me here.
  8. Help me out here, Babs says he may play Pavel on the wing instead of center. I've never played hockey, so please forgive my ignorance, but is winger less "stressful" on a foot then center? If yes, how so?
  9. How ironic it should be Maltby tapping him. We all have to admit Maltby is our own biggest diver, right?
  10. Yup, we gotta give a lot of credit to Pittsburgh, on top of us playing poorly. The very nice tic tac toe of Pittsburgh's 4th goal was a sight to see. (I hated seeing it, but it WAS good) Let's hope we pick up our game considerably Saturday.
  11. True and why are we having 5 players playing the point on the Power Play? I mean whenever someone would get possession of the puck on a power play there would be no red jerseys anywhere near the net... Stop crying about calls. It was about our poor play tonight.
  12. What a cheap game too. No mouth on Hossa in my version, dunno about you folks. Also if you don't hit him once, it still says, "Good job!" Lame.
  13. You are correct, but why is that the case? My take is that the refs are waaaay too arbitrary on calls they make so in reality both sides could complain but most don't when they win. They miss calls all the time on both sides and only the team's fans that lost cries about it.
  14. Aren't those two things contradictions? If the NHL refs were pretty good, we wouldn't be getting away with that "stuff" would we?
  15. Hey Wings 3:16! You do NOT have my permission to use a video of me at work as your avatar!