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  1. Regardless of what people say, we did well as defending champs. But i really wanted to win.
  2. I would say this would be one of those "classic game 7s where the home team comes back" but it doesn't look like that tonight.
  3. Im really disappointed in this team right now, they played so well all season only to lay an egg.
  4. Well the refs took away any chance at a comeback. oh goodie. Game 5 is must win
  5. If we lose game 5 its over, im sorry.
  6. jesus, comeon wings, i hope we win this game, i dont feel confortable going back home 2-2
  7. GDT

  8. GDT

    wow he almost got sticked in the face by his own guy.
  9. GDT

    ah the man advantage only way they score
  10. go figure, dominate the game and Marc Andre Flukey is in over his head.
  11. sorry i meant this season
  12. Isnt that weird? hopefully we can get it done! Edit: This Season i mean
  13. WINNER WINNER BIG WIN BIG WIN 3-1 lead!!! LETS WIN THIS SHYT AT HOME IN DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETROIT Speaking of which i dont think weve won a series at home this year? We beat nashvillie in 6, Colorado in 4, Dallas in 6, And if we win on (monday?) we will finally win a series at home.
  14. No Jaws theme please............