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  1. Pictures of Lidstroms House

    I have to think Bellagio drive is a gated community, with alot of security. And plus between Google Earth and countless other resources, anybody could find Lids if they really wanted to.
  2. USA Today: Red Wings are obvious #1, but...

    I think it's most accurate to say the Wings are the San Antonio Spurs of the NHL.
  3. Shanahan looking to return next season

    I'll always love Shanny, by no means do I want him back, but if he played for scraps and actually got physical, he'd function as an adequte replacement for Drake.
  4. a little fun - WHAT NUMBER?

    00110001 00111000 18 in binary. Or 0! If you're into trigonometry you'll get it.
  5. Larionov makes it into the HHOF!

    Congrats to Igor. Ciccarelli actually had 608 goals and 592 assists. For a grand total of 1200 points. As far as I know he has the highest career point total for a player not to be elected into the hall of fame. I think next year for him. With both he and Dale Hunter on the ballot, it could set up a nice little theme of nasty forwards who never got a cup. Forgive me for getting off topic, but maybe they're keeping him out because when he was playing for the north stars he was arrested for indecent exposure. Not as bad as it sounds, but absolutely true, LOOK IT UP!
  6. Curtis Joseph

    No Joseph. Picking him up would be bad mojo. 2002: we win the cup, hasek retires afterwards, we sign cujo to replace him, then we're swept in the first round. 2008: we win the cup, hasek retires afterwards, we (possibly) sign cujo to replace him, then.....? Let's not tempt fate. Howard for backup.
  7. Lidstrom and Osgood, do they get their numbers retired?

    It takes more than personal accolades to get your number retired by the wings. Look at Mickey Redmond. First Red Wing to score 50 goals in a season and he's not up there. Every number in the JLA rafters contributed not only to advancement of the organization but of the NHL. Lidstrom broke through the glass ceiling that that was put over the heads of European captains, in addition to all his accomplishments for the organization. So outside of Yzerman, Lids is the only one qualifies from this generation. Fedorov is a possible for being instrumental in the European movement, and for being the only player ever to win the Hart and Selke trophies in the same year. His leaving shouldn't really effect it, neither Gordie or Terry played for the wings exclusively. But, I personally think Feds doesn't want to see his name and number up there. If he did he wouldn't have left in the first place. And, if his number is raised to applause of 30,000 I think he'd realize the hypocrisy. And Oz: I love him, and I say this not out of disrespect, but what has he done for the game? He's got maybe 4 more seasons to make his case.
  8. So what did Sidney Crosby really say to Zetterberg?

    He said, "I had to suck alot a dick to get here, and I will be rewarded!"
  9. Who will lids hand the cup to?

    As sentimental as it would be to see Nick hand it over to Steve, it's going to Oz. Then Babs. Babs to Z. Z to Dats. Steve will be the first member of management to get it. Now that's how we get ahead of ourselves. And 20 bucks says that's exactly how it goes if we win. God willing.
  10. The Positivity Thread

    What is really positive about this is, that now that the series is 2-1, we won't hear about the 33 year 0-3 comeback again. Crosby scored. He was supposed to. But I don't think Crosby alone can beat the Wings, despite the way he is marketed as Christ with a Synergy. And we could've pulled this one out. Put in Holmstroms post in the third, and if somebody takes out the piss face that banked it in off Ozzie, we win. And there are two days off now, hard to build momentum from a win with a delay. But gives us more time to adjust the gameplan.
  11. Why I'm not scared at all

    Hey, I'm new here and there's something I have to say about the whole 33 years thing, which is inevitably going to be brought up during the broadcast of game six. Here's the deal; it happened in 1942 and 1975. 33 years, 33 seasons of hockey. Between 1975 and 2008 is 33 years but, 32 seasons of hockey. We lost the 04-05 season. I have to assume that if there is some divine force that controls the outcome of NHL games (Bettman and Sutherland are not divine), it does so while following the year of hockey, not of Earth. It sounds ridiculous trying to disprove this inane prognostication, but no more ridiculous than thinking because two similar events happened, the duration of time between the two can be looked as an itinerary for the future. I hate to sound like I'm ranting, but I know the 33 years bulls*** is already being pumped in the VS. network's tele-prompters as we speak. Or post I should say. And in mathematics it takes more than two points to establish a correlation. I had to get all that off my chest. But here's to a 0-3 comeback next year.