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  1. Athanasiou Rumor

    If you are in the minority, you shouldn't be. I had high hopes for Nielsen being a solid two way player, but he doesn't seem to be excelling at either end and for the money we're spending on him, its overpayment.
  2. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Geez guys, lose one game and "everybody sucks". It was on the road, against a good team with Mrazek in net. I didn't see the whole game, but Mrazek looks like a guy that can't decide if he should go with his natural tendency or go with what he was recently taught and ends up doing neither and he screws up. At least wait until March to get down on the team and start looking forward to a possible first overall pick. Probably just me being overly optimistic, but if the defensemen situation gets fixed, we're a playoff team. I look at teams like Ottawa and Nashville and they went deep into the playoffs last year and I'd take our group of forwards over theirs any day.
  3. Daley looked good in his first official game as a Wing. Green looked like what we would expect out of him on the powerplay and what we would expect out of him in his own end too. Ericsson and DK were not noticeable which for d-men is good, I guess. XO and Jensen were great in the offensive zone, not so much in their own end. Not to beat a dead horse, but defensemen is what will make or break us. Our forwards are good, but not if they have to backcheck and play defense the whole game. Howard is good, but he can't face 40+ shots every night. I thought the defense helped with the offense more than usual last night, which is great, but they had some bad lapses in their own end too. Promising start, still plenty of room for improvement.
  4. The excitement of the season combined with the excitement of the new arena, I'm thinking we win it by a score of 5-2. Booth will get the first goal in LCA for the feel good story, Larkin and Mantha will each have 3 points on the night and we'll be overrating this team for the next couple days.
  5. Opening night roster v Wild.

    That's a nice looking group of forwards. Lots of speed and two way ability. Now if we could just get the defense looking that good.
  6. Athanasiou Rumor

    Ironically enough, the guy that busted his butt in preseason and will take AA's roster spot wrote about his experience in the KHL. Maybe AA and any other player looking to jump ship should read this first. https://www.hockeyministries.org/home-ice/blog/my-experience/
  7. The 13th F......

    Apparently Sproul and Booth are on waivers now. https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2017/10/2/16400384/red-wings-sign-david-booth-to-a-one-year-two-way-contract UPDATE: But Helene St James says, if Booth clears waivers he'll be in the lineup on Thursday. I'm confused, I thought you put people on waivers to move them to the minors or is it because he signed a two way contract, he needs to clear waivers before suiting up for the Wings?
  8. The 13th F......

    I'm way more excited about this than most people, but I'm really glad he'll get to play a year for the Wings. He really worked hard for this spot and showed during camp and preseason that he really wants to be with Detroit. Congrats David!
  9. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    Well Holland was after Suter and Stamkos in their primes when they became available. He managed to sign Hossa in his prime. So he has gone after big names in free agency. As for mismanaged, the Wings missed the playoffs for the first time in 26 years last season. The Isles haven't been past the 2nd round of the playoffs for 24 years and have been a joke of a franchise for decades. Not saying Tavares is interested in the Wings, but we're not worse than the Isles in any way.
  10. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    We're over the cap as it is, how in the world would we land Tavares? And why would he want to come to Detroit? I feel like he's making this up.
  11. Pre-Season Games

    3 on 3 was implemented last year? Hmm. Maybe I did know that, but I must have forgot. Whoops! Hey, if the playoff streak can end, this losing streak when going to games can end too. Just hope it doesn't take 26 years. lol
  12. Pre-Season Games

    So I was at the game last night. It was a fun game to watch. The good guys didn't win, but fun nevertheless. - Nyquist looked like guy we saw in his rookie year. Fast, shifty, bullet shot. By far the best player on the ice last night. - Howard looked unbeatable in the first period, but collapsed in the 2nd. The defense didn't really help him out much though. I know we had a lot of GR players out there, but when two no name Penguins scored in less than a minute, DK and Daley were the pairing for those goals. - Sticking with the defense, our coverage overall on defense was ridiculous. If there's a shot on net and its not immediately pushed into the corner, its most likely going in. Nobody could clear the puck if it was loose around our net. It won't matter if its Howard, Mrazek or a young Dominik Hasek clone, defense needs to be better especially around our own net. - David Booth is a guy I'm really rooting for this preseason. Born in Detroit, grew up as a Wings fan, is a long shot to make the team, but watching him in warm ups and then during the game he REALLY wants to be here. He was the last one to leave during warm ups and didn't leave until they finally kicked him off the ice. During the game, he hustled his butt off and worked really hard every shift. He looked like a guy that knows he won't be there for long, so he's going to soak up every second of this opportunity to be a Red Wing. I'm not saying I'd rather have him over AA, but Booth clearly wants to be here and AA is sitting at home thinking about signing a piece of paper instead of playing hockey. - This new standard for calling slashing penalties is really absurd. Basically, if your stick touches the puck carriers hands or arms, you get called for slashing. It doesn't even have to be a hard whack. It can be a tap and its getting called. Also, "Faceoff Violation"... I swear the NHL tries to think of ways to ruin the game. Apparently, its an old rule that is getting enforced now and it couldn't be more lame. So you're sitting there waiting for a faceoff, when all of a sudden the ref leaves the faceoff circle, there's more waiting around as a two minute minor gets put on the board for a faceoff violation. Talk about slowing the game down. Its absurd that you can whack a guy in the face with your stick, cross check the heck out of someone, swing your stick like a baseball bat and hit someone, blast a guy from behind near the boards, leave your feet and hit a guy in the head and get the same penalty as a violating the rules of a proper faceoff. This enforcement has to die in the preseason. If not, imagine the chaos that will ensue if its called at a critical point of a playoff game. - Love the new 3 vs 3 OT though. The NHL got that one right. It didn't work out for us last night, but its damn exciting and we'll probably never see a shootout again because of it. There's no way NHL caliber players won't score a goal 3 on 3 for 5 minutes. - I won't stress over the outcome too much, it was the first preseason game for all these players. Even Matt Murray didn't look that great last night. Having said that, we put more talent on the ice than the Pens did, so rusty or not, we should have won. Hopefully as a complete team, we'll gel better, but I didn't like seeing these Pens players that are no where near as talented as some of their big name stars on their team, out perform players that we'll be depending on this season. Seeing the Wings in person is always great, but it'd be even better if they won. The Wings are now 0-5 in games I go to see them in person and give up 5+ goals in each of those games. I'm starting to think I'm bad luck. lol
  13. Pre-Season Games

    I'll be at the game tonight vs the Pens. My stepson got us some great tickets near the ice on the end where the Wings shoot twice. If you guys find a stream, look for me in the upper left hand corner of the arena. I'll be the guy wearing red in a sea of black and yellow lol
  14. Pre-Season Games

    He did not. Mrazek gave up two of them
  15. Pre-Season Games