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  1. xtrememachine1

  2. 1. Neither Mrazek or Howard is our starting goalie by the end of the year. 2. Tatar will lead the team in goals, Nyquist will be on another team, Vanek will be a pleasant surprise. 3. The Wings will make the playoffs for the 26th straight year despite all these "experts" picking us to finish LAST (seriously?) in the Atlantic.
  3. Pretty nice deal for who is probably the best d-man on our team right now and entering the prime of his career. This will look like an absolute steal in a few years.
  4. Signed

    Glendening led all of our forwards in blocked shots by a huge margin, took the most faceoffs on our team and won 54.6% of them. You don't improve defensively by losing a guy like that. This is a good signing by Holland.
  5. Signed

    Vanek, Nielsen and Helm could be similar to Kessel, Bonino and Hagelin. I like this signing. Yes, we need to pick up at least one d-man if not two. Marchenko doesn't count.
  6. Losing is kind of like getting into quicksand. You'll need something strong to pull you out and you should never willing get into it. People that think we should "tank it" for the sake of getting high quality prospects from the lottery should take a look at Columbus and Edmonton. Sure we'll get the best of the best from some particular draft, but the best of the best could be the next Alexandre Daigle, Alexei Yashin or Patric Stefan. Not to mention, if you're losing, its harder to draw in quality free agents. The Wings did a pretty nice job of building the 2008 championship team through the draft without being terrible for a number of years.
  7. Obviously, he's not always right, but where I'll read about a trade or signing on his site way before it happens. Maybe he's just getting lucky, but either way its an enjoyable site to read. Yzerman is pretty much owning this offseason. Looks like TB is going to be a pain in the butt for many years to come.
  8. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/
  9. Rumor has it we're in on Shattenkirk and Versteeg. Shattenkirk better not involve Larkin.
  10. signed

    I'm actually happy Helm is back. I'm not thrilled about the money, but it was necessary to keep him. I can see that most of you didn't want him back, especially at that price, but the truth is, if we lose Helm we're going to be a slower team. I think our options were to either sign Helm at 3.85 or sign a different player, who is slower or has similar production for $4 mil or more. Different doesn't mean better. Sometimes better means trying something different. Carl Hagelin, who I feel is a similar player to Helm, had numbers similar to Helm before he was put on a good line with Bonino and Kessel. Helm could very well be the same way. Put him on a line with AA or Larkin and Tatar or trade for Nash or sign Vanek and that line could produce big numbers.
  11. I think Backes would be the best type of player to fit our team and I value him above any other FA center out there. He's not great, he's not flashy, but I think he'd do well in our system. Take some of the edge off losing Datsyuk. He turned down $5.5 mil from the Blues, so he's going to be at least a $6-7 mil player to make it worth his while to leave St Louis. He's 32 and if we give him a big salary like that it has to be for just 2-3 years.
  12. The scariest part of losing out on Stamkos is what will Holland do with that cap space now. We have $18 mil in cap space, $22 mil once Franzen goes on LTIR again. That puts us below the cap floor. That's a lot of cap space, not a lot to spend it on. Mrazek and DeKeyser need signed. Best available center or not, I don't want Eric Staal. He wasn't very good in Carolina lately and was terrible in NY. Somebody will be stupid and overpay like Buffalo. Backes, Lucic, Okposo, Martin, etc. None of them excite me in the least. I would really hate to overpay for one of them to give us a tiny upgrade in some area. Maybe we trade for Rick Nash. His cap hit is similar to Datsyuk's and his contract will expire at the same time Larkin's entry level one. He could be a good source of goals which we're desperate for at the moment. However, I have no idea what NYR is looking for in return. Is this a salary dump for them? Do they believe he's not worth the cost anymore? Is he a locker room problem? Are they trying to add depth? Or do we use this money to bolster our defense? We have a lot of good young talent at forward, maybe we just run with that and build up our defense with dependable vets like Kris Russell or Luke Schenn or Brian Campbell.
  13. That's pure speculation, however, I'd use it. Tell that to the guys in the locker room. Motivate them. Piss them off. He's going to be playing for a division rival for pretty much the rest of his career. Show him he made the wrong choice. I'm disappointed in not signing him, however, TB is a solid choice and if I wasn't a huge Wings fan, I would have probably done the same. Make a lot of money and continue to play for the organization you already know, which is a pretty good one already.
  14. How much of an upgrade is Okposo over Nyquist though? The numbers look pretty similar. Maybe Okposo is a better fit because he plays a different type of game? I don't know. It seems like you're giving up on one player for another that's more expensive and just as effective.
  15. I wonder if Rick Nash could be Holland's plan B if we don't land Stamkos. His cap hit is almost the same as Datsyuk's, the Rangers want to get rid of him and Holland was pushing hard to get him when CBJ wanted to trade him.