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  1. How about earlier in the series when Hossa slashed and broke the stick of a Penguins player, only to seconds later set up a goal that put the game away in Detroit?
  2. GDT: Penguins v. Flyers Gm 5

    I wouldn't call them overrated. They've had the talent to put together this kind of stretch. They just showed up to the party a year or two sooner than anyone expected. I'm really excited for what seems to be a Pens/Wings final. These teams should match up really well for some exciting hockey.
  3. GDT: Penguins v. Flyers Gm 5

    We've got enough positive energy for 4 more wins, so no more to spare. Sorry.
  4. GDT: Penguins v. Flyers Gm 5

    Hey Swayze, Pens fan here. I just wanted to let 'yinz guys' know that they weren't chanting "Detroit Sucks". They were chanting, "We want the cup". I can see how you would think that it could be "Detroit sucks" though. Not trolling, just figured I'd let you know. Pens fans are generally pretty cordial, except for when Jagr touches the puck or they play the Flyers - then we'll boo.