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  1. hahahaha I go to Ball State and major in the same thing as this guy really funny part is he graduated and has a job doing sports for a news station down in texas lol
  2. I hope drumnj or another admin is reviewing registrations still!! Don't wanna miss this game :-)
  3. *Stick Taps* I look forward to rockin these wallpapers all season!!
  4. PS

    More Mule Ps Love
  5. PS

    in honor of a certain Mule's legendary 1st period...
  6. Wings Jersey on all gamedays... pretty simple....the tough part is deciding who to wear. A loss = an automatic switch to a different one
  7. the redwings are struggling... team canada is struggling... Is babs the common denominator? Canada sure looked like a Babcock coached team last night...almost twice as many shots, and they lose... obviously there are other reasons for both team's struggles, but i feel like a big reason for both might be Babs
  8. yes it has...and its a friggen HILARIOUS joke
  9. Via Twitter - TSNBobMcKenzie - Cheechoo (Ott), Lundmark (Cgy) and May (Det) on waivers. Brashear clears
  10. We had a great west coast trip last months boys, lets have a repeat... and wow...only 2 out hurt which is great, but that also means no more excuses...the W's and the Points NEED to start coming quickly
  11. anyone got a non-IE/Sopcast stream of the game?
  12. im sorry Ozzy but Sit Down and Shut Up... yes you've been a great goalie for us for a long time but this year is different, its not about keeping both goalie's fresh for a deep playoff run, it's about going with the hot hand to get INTO the playoffs. and you've been a redwing for a long should know that whining and moaning to the press isn't how we do things around here...
  13. Flip!!!! I can't wait because this will be my first redwings game at the Joe!! I moved away when I was 4, I've seen the wings in St Louis and DC but never at the Joe and I've been (ironically enough) flipping out!!!!!!
  14. i know the feeling, im bout 45 min away in Muncie at Ball State...tho im lucky to find ANY Hockey fans up here... anyway... Gatta love Original 6 matchups lets go boys, lets get back to our winning ways!