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  1. Ahh that's great Go Wings !!
  2. Good on Detroit....congratulations to you fans...you must be thrilled to be in the Stanley cup playoffs again... Too bad Dallas didn't get it until the 3rd period... Keep doing what your doing...your good for my draft Congrats !!
  3. they must of had to wake up the goal announcer
  4. At least ya'll are fun here...that San Jose and Dallas forum sheesh...the San Jose board has to be the meanest forum around...they don't let you say anything if you are the opposing fan...ahh I miss those days of killing them off in the play offs OK game plan Detroit's penalty has been awesome up to now...even if they have taken some really stupid penalties...a practise I'd like to see them drop before they take on the Penguins... Dallas has scored 5 goals in one play off period but that was way back in '91 so less penalties and more scoring... Go Wings !!
  5. Lool yah but it's just shocking...our arena even on a bad day is never that empty Well can't say the Stars haven't had their chances... five power plays and only two shots... did they forget that tonight was the BIG game?
  6. I am shocked how empty that arena is already....terrible display from the fans...they should have enjoyed the ride regardless of the outcome Wow....
  7. Sorry just had to quote that...it was funny You would think Dallas would know by now they need more than one player anywhere near the net on a power play Duh !
  8. True...it matters what the guys in front of you are doing too... Anyways...the breakdown isn't coming from the visitors...wouldn't have thought Dallas would have such a complete break down...out shot...out hit...and no support what so ever in front of their net Game 4 maybe...not game 6
  9. How true...Osgood has blown bigger leads than this...they just gotta keep their mind on the prize at the end of the game
  10. Wings are certainly dictating the play Stars are playing like they did in the 1st 3 games Enjoy intermission
  11. Seems like Detroit's goals are usually by someone sitting in Turco's lap...where are the Star's defensemen?
  12. Listen....I can hear a pin drop
  13. The next goal is huge....
  14. It's amazing what speed can do !! Thank you Trevor Daley Is it just me or does it seem like Dallas isn't there tonight?
  15. The Stars took 8 minutes to get playing... hooking for Dallas