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  1. Pens sign Satan & Fedotenko

    Take last years stats for these two and double them, playing with Sid and Malkin... Good signings...for 5.4 million combined Take Malones stats and cut them in half...going to Tampa
  2. Reporter calls shenanigans on Reffing in the SCF

    Are you guys seriously still carrying on with this crap???
  3. Russian League poised to offer Malkin $12.5 mill/yr

    Malkin has no interest in Russian offer Friday, June 20, 2008 By Dave Molinari, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette OTTAWA -- Evgeni Malkin might have a chance to become the highest-paid hockey player in the world. But he would rather, his agent said this evening, continue to play for the Penguins. A new hockey league in his native Russia reportedly is willing to give Malkin a contract that would pay him $12.5 million per year, tax-free. Doesn't matter, J.P. Barry said this evening. Malkin isn't interested in leaving, and has the framework of a new contract in place. "He's not interested in (playing in Russia)," Barry said. " He wants to stay in Pittsburgh. He wants them to keep, hopefully, as many of these players together (as possible) and he wants to try to make a run next year." Malkin is believed in line for a five- or six-year deal that will pay him roughly $8.5 million per season, well under the maximum allowed by the NHL's collective bargaining agreement. Per that labor agreement, Malkin's next contract can't be formalized until July 1
  4. Chelios to Re-Sign for 08/09 Season

    One question.....why? He's guys can replace him with more talent
  5. Penguins file for arbitration w/ Fleury

    Similar to submits an offer...player submits an offer...independent arbitrator decides It will never go to an basically gives the team 2 more months to make a deal while other teams cannot make an offer smart move
  6. Is it the media or

    The media (the broacasting network in this case) will ALWAYS prop the team that is behind in hopes of building viewership. The better case they make for a great series, the more likely a casual fan will watch
  7. Just One More Comment About Officiating...

  8. Just One More Comment About Officiating...

    Was Datsyuk hooked?...absolutely Was any ref gonna make that call in the final 20 seconds against ANY team? absolutely not The thought that any that frenzy...would have the time or inclination to take into account favoritism to any team is absurd. The Wings won because they were better...many calls made and not made on both sides.... enough already
  9. Ron Wilson to coach the Leafs

    Good call...
  10. The Pens next year

    You keep believing that.....
  11. The Pens next year

    Rangers have cap issues of their own
  12. Ron Wilson to coach the Leafs

    Nice move on the 4 year deal....with Torontos money...buying him out wont even make a dent.... Not sure how this will work out....probably better than the Granato/Avs experiment
  13. Kopitar to Detroit after next year?

    Theres a link somewhere...lemme look.....
  14. 2008 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

    must be nice to have a baseball team....we used to have one in Pittsburgh......back when we had your manager....
  15. Kopitar to Detroit after next year?

    Rumors beginning to swirl about Kings-Pens discussions about Malkin....Kopitars name is in there Meh....rumors.....