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  1. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    When looking at the scoring leaders, you need to take into account that the Penguins have played 2 fewer games. The penguins defense has been great this post season. Pens have given up 24 goals to the Wings 30. To normalize this, add MAF's 1.7 GAA * 2 so give the pens 27.4 to the Wings 30. I see a lot of people way under estimating the Penguins defense. there were times in the Previous games when the Pens had the lead that they did not give up a single Scoring chance in the final 18 minutes or so of the game. On special teams, PKing is a dead even tie between the two teams and the Pens have the edge in PP% 24.6 to 21. If you have watched the pens recently, they are not relying on tic-tac-toe passing in these playoffs. Everyone knows those kinds of plays are not always there in the post season. I do think the Pens need to quickly adjust to the speed of the Red Wings... they are coming off of facing a much slower Flyers team, but the Pens are young and I don't think that will be a problem.