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  1. Believe!

    I believe! DOOBIE DOOBIE DOO "with the power of a Matt Cooke forecheck!"
  2. 1/31 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2 (SO)

    P.S. Nice game guys. I know you've got a boatload of injuries right now, so kudos for putting up such a tough contest. Doobie.
  3. 1/31 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2 (SO)

    P.S. Nice game guys. I know you've got a boatload of injuries right now, so kudos for putting up such a tough contest. Doobie.
  4. 1/31 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2 (SO)

    P.S. Nice game guys. I know you've got a boatload of injuries right now, so kudos on a tough contest. Doobie.
  5. 1/31 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2 (SO)

    Unfortunately had to miss a good part of the scrum -- caught the 3rd and OT. As always, a battle to the wire between these two fine squads. Doobie doobie...
  6. Cleary: "I can't stand Pittsburgh"

    Oh tut tut, Mr. Cleary. Doobie doobie doo.
  7. OFFICIAL: 12y, $62.4m makes Hossa a 'Hawk

    Interesting take on things... before the finals, around here the Pens were just another creampuff Eastern conference team to be taken lightly, who would fold once they met a big bad Western team. In other words, they had no chance to beat the Wings, coming from the creampuff Eastern conference. Now that they won, it's BECAUSE they came from the creampuff Eastern conference they had an unfair ADVANTAGE. Hmm. I'd say with the Pens' young nucleus of stars they just might have a shot to break the conference finals again sometime between now and 2029. Who knows, maybe even 2019 if we're lucky! You never know, playing as they do in the creampuff Eastern conference.
  8. OFFICIAL: 12y, $62.4m makes Hossa a 'Hawk

    Well well... after 6 weeks of hearing how Pens fans should just chill about Hossa, we have our first "wow did Hossa screw us!" entry. Welcome to our world. "By his actions" he says something? How's that compared to ACTUALLY saying something, like Hossa did with his whole "best shop to win the Cup with Detroit" thing, on his way out the door with the Pens? Imagine if Hossa had said something like "well I'm off to Chicago, they've got the best shot to reach the finals next year." If you think you're cheesed off now, well... just imagine how your blood would be boiling. Anyway, be happy -- Hossa signing with Chicago means they have no chance to win the Cup next year. Marian Hossa -- he'll screw ya, and he'll leave ya. And won't even buy ya dinner.
  9. Congratulations to your team for a great finals series

    Ignore all the stupid comments, especially about the economy. Hard times are no laughing matter. Remember, too, though, a lot of things are said just to be as nasty to the opponent at the time, and I've heard them all, about most cities in the country. In other words, don't take it personally.
  10. Congratulations to your team for a great finals series

    I'm afraid so -- at least my attempt at one. I promise to leave Mr. H. alone now, God knows what a rough weekend he's had. But... I can't not post this little nugget first. Gold, Jerry, gold!
  11. Congratulations to your team for a great finals series

    It's just my point of view of course, but think about it. The Red Wings are up 2-1 on a power play -- a goal there and it's 3-1 and they're quite possibly on their way to a 3-1 series stranglehold. Instead the Pens turn a man disadvantage into a tying goal -- and from there went on their big 5-minute run that was the first team they'd exploded on Detroit like that. That goal made a 2-2 series tie possible. Losing the next game was bad, but there's a big difference being down 3-2 and 3-1.
  12. As I said in my original post "this time it will be different" I wouldn't have wanted to face any other team but yours. That wasn't from overconfidence, but from respect. If you really want to be called the best, you have to beat the best. Playing, or even beating Chicago just wouldn't be the same. I knew then the potential this series had to be something special, and was glad to see it lived up to it, all the way down to the last exciting, excruciating seconds of Game 7. (I still can't believe the Wings were able to get off a shot like that with only 6 seconds left.) I still believe Jordan Staal's short-handed goal was the moment the series swung in the Pens' favor... and I had lots of fun here, even when you guys were dumping on me and counting the series over after game 5. By the way, rumor has it Marian Hossa's agent contacted Mike Shero to see about changing sides after the Pens went up 2-0 Friday Night. Apparently he thought coming back gave him the best shot to win the Cup. One more thing -- I know your town is going through some tough times. Here's a little secret: had the Wings won, I would've been disappointed, but glad for you in that regard. You'll have to go through now what Pittsburgh did a few decades ago, and it won't always be easy sailing. But just as Pittsburgh emerged and became what's been called a model economic city, so I'm confident you can do the same. Anyway, time to say so long, and thanks for having me here the last few weeks. Doobie doobie doo, BTP
  13. Fact of the matter is

    Good observations -- that's what's making this so darn exciting. Although so far this series has boiled down basically to who's playing in whose building. So obviously your advantage here. But -- Game 7's tend to be about breaks, bounces and some unsung player who steps up and roars. In other words, totally unpredictable. Woo hoo!
  14. What will..

    Relax guys, nothing to be nervous about. Watch this, it'll take the edge off.
  15. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Perhaps, but remember this is the pre-game dining etiquette thread.