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  1. If I'm a Canucks fan, I'd like to hear him say things like 'We need to play with more urgency if we want to win,' or, 'We need to play faster within our system and not be caught flat footed in the neutral zone,' or 'It's do or die next game so we're going to fire 80 shots on net if that's what it takes to beat Quick.' 'It's going to turn around (because their defence is tired),' is something I would find unsatisfactory if it came from the mouth of a Red Wing.
  2. Nyquist-Dats-Mule Bert-Z-Huds Abby-Flip-Cleary Miller-Emmerton-Homer Lids-White Kronwall-Stuart Quincey-Ericsson SG- Howard BG- Irrelevant I miss Helm.
  3. I'm here late. So Henrik Sedin gets hit fairly cleanly by Brown so Burrows decides to fight Kopitar and needs to hug him down to win it? Hoooookay...
  4. It's also not the Thunderdome. Lighten up, Francis.
  5. Has the feel of a deliberately-confrontational column, set up to deliver angry responses. Postmedia (formerly Canwest) is full of these types now, which is a shame because Cam Cole has been around forever and he shouldn't have to resort to this. Vancouver should really form its own league if it thinks it's so much better than everyone else. The Sun and Province's columnists are such sycophants it's embarrassing. Totally the opposite of the Toronto print media, most of whom despise Burke and Wilson.
  6. 'He' is on the ice today. Not doing drills but skating now.
  7. You are spoiled but who even does carbon copying anymore?
  8. Sounds like something the Jack Adams Trophy winner in 1976 would say. We need toughness, but not at the expense of needless instigator/retaliation penalties because our PK isn't good enough to make up for it.
  9. Pronger's #1 on the list. I don't know that anyone really comes back from severe post-concussion. Dwayne Roloson is 42 and awful. I think his gas tank is empty now. Andrei Markov has had so much trouble coming back he won't be half the player he was three years ago.
  10. Looking at that mullet it's hard to believe the game has passed him by.
  11. Well, the Luca Caputi era is over in Toronto. http://sports.nationalpost.com/2012/01/03/leafs-say-goodbye-to-luca-caputi-pick-up-minor-league-forward-from-ducks/ "We turned down a second and a fourth to make this deal..."
  12. No, apart from Hudler I can't think of any either.
  13. Meh.
  14. Not bad for an undrafted kid. Bob Gainey absolutely stole him and a first (Pacioretty) for a Craig Rivet rental by the Sharks a few years ago.