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  1. The scene at Hockeytown tonight

    Are those pics from this morning?
  2. Win This One For....

    Win it for Emma, Hank!
  3. The first goal will be a huge factor tomorrow

    Update your sig.
  4. How To Handle Game 7 SCF?

    Im gonna pick up smoking for friday and drink lots and lots of beer.
  5. Last Time a Team Won Game 7 on the Road.....

    Your right, but what else is there to talk about for the next two days but worthless stats and s*** that dont matter?
  6. SCF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2

    Thanks for the great defensive effort on the 2nd goal Sammy, your my hero.
  7. For the Economy in Michigan

    Sorry, a friday night of people going to the bar aint gonna do s*** for the economy. It will make a hell of alot of people happy for awhile but the economic impact is ziltch.
  8. A totally calm perspective.

    Positives I dont work friday night.
  9. All the Pressure is on the Wings for Game 7

    Stupid thread. There is an incredible amount of pressure on both teams.
  10. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Friday night is as good as any night, and better than most right?
  11. this is why you re-sign in the off season

    Take your meme to 4chan fatty
  12. this is why you re-sign in the off season

    Cant wait to see you sucking the Mules cock when he nets one game 7.
  13. Katrina Hancock

    No offense to anyone on this board. The only reason she has her job is that shes tall, has nice a pair and a nice ass and shes blonde.
  14. Barry on ESPN

    If the Wings need to be pasting motivation all over the locker room tonight then there is a problem. What more motivation do you need than knowing you can hoist the Cup tonight?
  15. Hockeytown Cafe question/information

    If your coming from the north down woodward its right next to Hockeytown on your right.