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  1. My hat is off to the Pens

    It is irrelevant now. But there are speculations, not completely confirmed, that Malkin had 4 cracked/broken ribs since the Philly series. There was something about Sid playing with broken ribs and an injured groin. Petr Sykora was playing with a broken index finger on his shooting hand. Malone obviously broke his nose. And there have been other speculations of a player breaking his foot (may have been Staal because he came off limping after one of the practices). Once again, all irrelevant now. And once again, Congrats to the Wings and their fans. You guys earned it and enjoy the parade. Hopefully, we will be having our own very soon. Not sure how much longer I'll be on the board here now that the series is over, but thank you all for great hockey discussions and I look forward to having more with many of you here in the future.
  2. To the Penguins fans.....

    Thanks for your kind words. However, my real big scare is that our wait may be too long for the Cup. For so many players, the Stanley Cup is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Some guys may never be able to make it back.
  3. From a Penguins Fan

    Haha me too, my friend. Other than resigning Fleury and extending Malkin's contract, resigning Hossa is a top priority for the Penguins. Hope to meet for a rematch real soon. No matter what anyone says, this was a helluva series and very entertaining for fans of all kinds. And these are the types of series that can help the NHL make a comeback on the mainstream.
  4. From a Penguins Fan

    I just wanna say congrats to the Wings and their fans. You guys were the better team and rightfully deserved the Cup. This loss hurts me so much, but I am proud of the Penguins and proud to be a Pens fan that they went down fighting. Again, congrats to the Wings. A very classy organization, just like the Penguins organization Maybe a rematch next year.
  5. Outsiders view on lastnight...

    Yes, I do understand what you are saying. Basically what I am trying to say is, call the penalties on the blatant calls (case in point, Hudler in OT last nite). However, those interference calls could have gone either way. Those could be times to put the whistle away, but that is the beauty of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Adversity is synonymous to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Either way, helluva game last night. I don't think I'd be able to take it, if that were to happen again in Game 7. Can't tell you how many near heart attacks I had during last night's game. Unreal.
  6. Better off with the NBA's 2-3-2 finals format?

    The NHL should not adopt anything that the NBA does.
  7. Outsiders view on lastnight...

    I understand what you're saying. But, I'm in the belief that the players should decide the outcome, not the refs.
  8. Knee on Knee

    Pascal Dupuis didn't even see Helm and Helm didn't see Dupuis. Helm was trying to hold the line and Dupuis just skating as hard as he could to make a play on the Wings player who had the puck on the blueline. It was incidental contact. There was no harm intended on the play. Dupuis was just skating and Helm was just caught in a very vulnerable spot because his legs were hanging behind the line while his body was across the line.
  9. Marc-Andre Fleury

    WOW. What game were you watching then? Why don't you get in net then in a must-win game 5 in OT and show us how it's done? Your comments about Fleury implies true ignorance and neglect. Fleury won the game for us and he flat out amazing. He was also mindblowing. I think the whole team should go and buy a brand new car for Fleury and buy him dinner for the rest of the week as well. He was fantastic and absolutely astonishing. The thing I noticed about Fleury in these playoffs is that he makes difficult saves look routine. You probably fell into that trap yourself. Those glove saves he made aren't as easy as you portray them as. With all the distraction and confusion going on around the net and still keeping your focus and making save after save in a desperation game in OT, where all it takes is one goal, is truly admiring.
  10. Double Standard

    Very nicely put. I agree with everything, bot only because I'm a Pens fan, but it all really makes sense. It is very arguable to say Crosby is the best in the world. I completely understand. But as a long time Pens fan and watching this kid play 82+ times a year over the least three years, he has won over our hearts here in Pittsburgh. It can even be said that he had just as big a hand as anyone in keeping the team in Pittsburgh with his play on the ice and his maturity off the ice. And I have really really really been impressed with Detroit. And you, my friend, nailed it on the head when you said that Detroit's defense is just suffocating and can make even the best player, an average player. Maybe it's not the way Crosby or Malkin are playing, it's the way the Wings defense is playing. These 2 helped us steamroll thru the East in the playoffs, but finally met their match in the Finals. And on the other hand, I think this is going to be a good experience for 87 and 71 for their success in the future. I am still a firm believer in the Penguins and am not considering this series over yet. You have to win 4, not 3. While their isn't much to be optimistic about in the series for the Penguins, I still won't be calling this one over until it actually is over. And by the way, I do think that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are 2 of the more underrated players in the NHL and they have been very impressive. But, to be realistic, I'm not sure if I'm ready to put these 2 elite talents next to Malkin and Crosby even if this series hasn't brought the best out of #87 and #71.
  11. Pens again bemoan lack of obstruction calls

    That's a shame. Talking like a true Flyers fan. And here I was thinking everyone on here was above that kind of talk.
  12. Could You Believe Malkin's Antics Tonight?

    Yea that makes a whole lot of sense. To bench arguably one of the best players on the team and in the world. You would bench him so it works in Detroit's favor if he isn't out there. And by the way, all this talk about diving. We feel the same way about Osbad and Tomas Holmstrom. He went down like a ton of bricks when someone layed a hand on him. Oh, and I can't forget about the fairy, Johan Franzen.
  13. Dispelling some myths: the Pittsburgh Penguins

    What makes Nashville that much better than Ottawa? What made Colorado that much better then the Rangers? Bottomline is, both Detroit and Pittsburgh will be facing what they have yet to face tis whole season, let alone the playoffs. And the one thing that will make this series an epic one that will be looked back at for ages is the number of star players that will be on the ice. I mean look at this: Zetterberg Datsyuk Malkin Crosby Hossa Lidstrom Gonchar Rafalski It's gonna be absolutely unbelievable.
  14. Cool pic of Crosby

    No question. Not cool at all to bring up Mario Lemieux and Roberto Clemente incidents. That was a little bit overboard.
  15. Dispelling some myths: the Pittsburgh Penguins

    Well it looks like our "pillars" have done a pretty decent job so far. So I will take it.