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  1. Cleary or Filppula

    Currently I have Filppula on my team but someone just dropped Cleary. It's a H2H league and I figured this is the place to come to ask this question. Which one is the better fantasy asset? I also have Zetterberg and Bertuzzi on my team. Is Cleary for sure going to be on the one of the top 2 lines? Are Zetterberg and Dats going to be split or kept together? Which one should I go for?
  2. Chris Osgood message board poster?

    Yeah it's a lot of s*** to wade through. Not to mention it's the off-season. Just so many bandwagoners that hopped on and have to act like they know everything about hockey despite not watching it until last year.
  3. Chris Osgood message board poster?

    I understand that in full however there are many specifics in that post which I'm assuming it would take quite the internet google artist or it would have to be him. Names wise I mean and things they like.
  4. Chris Osgood message board poster?

    Hello I registered here during the SCF two years ago. Not to troll. You guys seem legit. There was a thread started on "Official Pittsburgh Penguins Message Board" about Osgood being well... a dick. Now if you kind folks will look at page 4 this post appears. As Wings' fans does this hold any legitimacy? As in is it possible Osgood is this type of person and cares about his reputation this much? Cause good on him if he does. Like I said just wanted thoughts.
  5. Here is an example of an insane Pens fan

    You wanna see insane Pens fans look here There's a couple retards actually arguing that Sid is better than Yzerman and Fedorov. I'm a Pens fan but my God Sid would have to play 20 years at a high level to come close to those 2. I'm pretty sure it starts on page 2.
  6. Wings fans in London? Should be able to help you. Yeah it's not at a pub but hey take what you can get across the pond.
  7. Honest Question for Pitt fans

    There was talk of a black out but there were issues with losing the puck when it was put up on the glass/in the air.
  8. McCarty vs Downey

    Nevermind way off base. But I'm sure an exception would be made.
  9. McCarty vs Downey

    I think the other stipulation is playing in half of the games your team played in the playoffs if you don't play in a finals game. I'd have to do some searching but I remember discussing this to see if Ric Jackman would get his name on the cup for the Ducks.
  10. Malone wants players to "get their elbows and sticks up"

    Hooked on Phonics should help your reading comprehension
  11. When do the Penguins implode?
  12. Malone wants players to "get their elbows and sticks up"

    I don't think BGL would violate the code and go after a guy giving up around 60lbs and 4 inches. You're more likely to see Malone or Ruutu even Roberts if he's playing police the big hits. I just hope if he does get challenged by one of those guys he doesn't do what Hatcher did with BGL and not back it up. If you're gonna play that kind of game back it up. As for Malone saying get the stick or elbows up it's widely known that if a guy is a big hitter and you notice it in time that he's coming for you, you turn him into a beaver and make him eat some wood. (Yes I know the sticks aren't made of wood anymore.) No one has caught Malkin yet with one of those bone jarring Stevens on Kariya hits yet. So good luck there. Just like Crosby hasn't had a huge hit put on him yet since being in the league. Not to mention if he goes for that hit and gets burned either one of Crosby or Malkin will make him pay for being out of position.
  13. Expecting anyone to step up?

    The lack of traffic is because Gill and Orpik have been killing people that try and get in the crease.