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  1. UP Wings Fan

    UP Wings Fan

  2. Any chance we can get the next 2 yet, Stanley Cup Final and Champion? Thanks!
  3. Honestly, I didn't think the Wings would make it into the playoffs this year when Lidstrom decided to retire, and we lost Stuart, Holmstrom. I felt our blueline would be way too weak and we would give up too many goals (and we did). I really didn't think we had much of a chance against the Ducks, and definitely didn't think we could hang with the Blackhawks this year! But this team surprised me! The young guys picked up some great experience, this experience will make them hungrier and more determined, and the mistakes and inconsistency will be reduced! I agree that some changes are needed, I won't name names, but most of you know who they are! The Blackhawks found their game and proved they were the better team, good luck to them! The Wings future is bright, with a lot of young, capable talent! They will get better and I see many more playoff runs coming! GO WINGS!
  4. Let's see what Babcock can come up with for game 2. The game plan for this game didn't work! GO WINGS!
  5. UP Wings Fan

    Watching Ericsson mature

    This post wasn't about Quincy, but I agree, he is way overpaid for the talent level he brings!
  6. UP Wings Fan

    Watching Ericsson mature

    I'll agree Ericsson has improved, but I don't think he is a top two D man! He still turns the puck over too frequently, generally doesn't think the game all that well, and doesn't use his big body effectively in most situations. And when you think about it, this is his sixth season playing with the big club! I expect more from him for the salary he is paid and for the years of experience he has! He has developed too slowly, and in my opinion, the Wings should look at trading him while they still might get something for him, rather than letting him walk as a free agent!
  7. UP Wings Fan

    Which team entering playoffs has the most momentum?

    I'd say the Wings are the hottest team entering the playoffs! The Sens have a nice boost with Karlsson returning, but you can't argue with the dominance that the Wings showed through the last 5 of this season. Praying that the Wings don't have a let down now that they made it in! GO WINGS!
  8. UP Wings Fan

    Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs Wallpaper Now Available!

    Awesome job again this year! I look forward to this every playoff season! Regardless of how the Wings do, I hope you keep it updated throughout the entire playoffs? Thanks for a cool bracket! GO WINGS!
  9. UP Wings Fan

    2013 Round 1 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    I love this one!!
  10. UP Wings Fan


    I agree with you here! E should look better than he has in years past, the comparison now is to guys like Quincey, who has been terrible, and then to the young guys Smith, Lashoff, Kindl! E has been around for 5 years, I expect more than we get from him, especially at 3.25 million! He is often out of position, obviously doesn't think the game well, and definitely is not using his size to his advantage. Personally, I have been most impressed with Lashoff this season. A young guy we hadn't heard much of before this season, stepping in and playing a very steady defense! A nice addition!
  11. UP Wings Fan

    Minor Bright Spot in Light of a Lockout Fan Contest

    November 21, 2012 - 1:30 pm eastern
  12. UP Wings Fan

    Help from my fellow Wings fans!

  13. UP Wings Fan

    Legwand hides puck in game 4

    I appreciate everyone's reply. I wasn't whining or suggesting this cost the Wings the game or the series! The Wings did that with the inability to handle Nashville's forecheck and their inability to apply any type of forecheck of their own! My main point is that it is outright cheating and the NHL showcased it on their own website as humorous. In my honest opinion, it would not be a suspension worthy act, but I do feel a fine would be warranted, and the NHL had video of it. Was just curious how everyone else thought! I guess I should have known better, this board is pretty notorious for believing everyone is whining when they post something after the Wings lose! And this act is quite different than getting an edge on the face off or knocking the net off, IMO!
  14. UP Wings Fan

    Legwand hides puck in game 4

    I agree, this would not have changed anything! The Wings did not play up to par this whole series! I just think that this deserves a fine or suspension for outright cheating! And it seems odd that the league would post this video on their website, kind of saying it's okay to cheat as long as you don't get caught! Where did the refs think the puck went?
  15. UP Wings Fan

    Legwand hides puck in game 4

    In game 4 Legwand covers the puck with his hand in the crease and then takes it to the bench, the refs don't see it and then lose the puck. Should have been a penalty shot in the game and I don't understand how the league doesn't suspend or fine a player, or team, for doing this. This same video was also on NHL.com. Hockey Night in Canada showed it during game 5 and had a much better video of it, but I can't find a link to that video.