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  1. Ducks choke lol. Terrible go preds go sens if I have to pick a team to win the cup it's the sens. Or anyone other then pens
  2. can we be in the running for filip forsberg instead
  3. Yea sens can easily win. Down 4-0 in the first period
  4. Holy s*** Ottawa is rocking 4-0 within 13 mins of the first
  5. idc if we get a center or defense. just pick someone whos going to give the wings fans something to look forward to. someone fun to watch and can impact play. we have enough sheahans and ericssons.
  6. thats what makes the draft so exciting...15th overall that year and we have a 9 this year. i read some stat on karlsson in the playoff...apparently he is much better at defense then what i thought... Ottawa at 5v5 these playoffs: With Karlsson on ice: 12GF, 6GA Without Karlsson: 10GF, 18GA
  7. How can the griffins be this good and the wings suck that bad?
  8. I didn't think Ottawa had a chance. The refs took the game over in the 3rd completely put the whistles away. Penguins were getting away with murder. Good game. Keep shocking the world sens
  9. I believe the first goal in game seven Ovie was coasting right behind the goal scorer. Ovie is terrible defensively. He is part of the reason they lost imo
  10. yes fractured ankle or something he is good. i dont think he is close defensively as lidstrom was but hes ******* good. may develop more while he matures. only 26!
  11. good job sens
  12. wow look at the caps go. could this be the year they make it past the 2nd round
  13. 3-0 wooo go caps
  14. yes and no. when he isnt shooting the puck he isnt doing much