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  1. sounds like shatenkirk is going to NYR and smith might be going to the NYR too what kind of return could we expect from the NYR for smith
  2. Im good with It. Bet you he plays 1st or 2nd line on the Hawks and tears it up
  3. no consistency with this team. consistency has to do with coaching. abs is a bust helm is a bust larkin is a bust DD is a bust mrzaek is a bust for the most part sheahan you already know trades are welcome. but good luck getting rid of any of those contracts except larkin. might as well get rid of him while his stock is still high
  4. Z is so beast. old or not he ******* plays his ass off every night. he does everything he can for this team. im calling it now. IF sheahan scores this season wings will make the playoffs IF he doesnt wings will miss the playoffs
  5. do so many other teams goalies give goals away like that? seems like ours do so much... props to larkin and that battle. not scoring but putting in work and a goal with seconds left...way to go
  6. Why is Sheehan still around? I ask every game
  7. im confused as to why letang was so upset? clean hit my man
  8. id take him if it means sheahans gone.
  9. every game i have a feel its going to be a bad game. sometimes we win. 23 out of 58 games i was surprised man if we were still in the west we would be damn close to a playoff spot