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  1. nyquist has been invisible these last couple games
  2. what sucks the most is we suck and we have the refs ganging up on us every game... isnt bad enough to just suck. you really need the refs to chip in too? sorry wings fans im hoping for an implosion in the last 5 mins leading the wings to lose in regulation. so we can get rid of this coach already
  3. we cant trade mantha aa or larkin..who else in the future do we have to score? anyone else fine. trouba might be the best but team needs a change. i would take a top 2 dmen that puts up no points but can play ******* defense and maybe teach others how to play defense more than anything
  4. so when our goalie is on we cant score when our offensive is on the goalie cant make a save cool
  5. id be shocked if they made any move what so ever
  6. so what defensemen do we have can actually play defense?
  7. this was the risk of having vanek reason why many other teams passed on him im ready for a change bye blahill
  8. i cannot stand that sheahan still has a spot on this team..he doesnt help out at either end of the ice. WHY?!?
  9. vanek was our trade bait
  10. cant score cant defend cant goaltend cant score on PP cant defend on PK cant forecheck cant win puck battles cant clear front of the net cant block shots cant fight really what can they do? what are they good at? i guess theyre good at getting injured and not winning games basically if AA doesnt score on breakaways we dont score
  11. smith let him do whatever he wants its all good. sheahan is the best ever too. why does he still have a spot in the lineup?
  12. 18-6 the shots so owned
  13. I agree a nick in the stick and the stick breaks just leaning on it. But I'm not 100% sure but off the face off z stick broke and he got a brand new one from the bench and that's the one that broke. Call would've went either way. Happy we find ways to get one point. Gotta figure out how to grab the extra point more though