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  1. i loved the wings since the very first day i started watching and playing hockey. absolutely love the team and watching them play whether they are amazing or suck. i am having a VERY hard time continuing to follow the team with holland involved. i do not agree with any decsions he is making. he isnt making the team any better, he isnt even trying, every other GM knows it takes a lot to get a quality player. it takes balls. holland does not have it anymore and do not believe we will see much more success in the future with him as GM. please move on.
  2. just would have been nice to see if nosek could make the wings this season after an awesome post season in GR wish they took someone else that could shed some cap
  3. just would be nice to see some new faces on defense. i think were ok forward wise for now. hearing hamonic, calvin de haan, vatanen. seems like a lot of islander fans were high on hamoic being top 2 dman before he asked for a trade a way bad seems like theyre pretty high on calvin de haan too seems like fowler will get an extension with ducks or just say f*** it and bring up big dylan seems like he had an awesome post season with the griffins why is everyone so high on RNH? because hes young? i mean i guess id take him if neilson was involved in the trade and a pick. seems identical to neilson just almost 10 years younger.. i dont know him well but i cant see him ever being on Z replacement or on Z level. but what are we really giving up for him. neilson is certainly a replacement for him now you have to make them want the same player just 10 years older.
  4. interesting to see who might make the wings out of camp next season...congrats everyone.
  5. hes worse than ericsson how sad
  6. i am a JVR fan only because i grew up with him but he is a winger. we dont need wingers.
  7. i would still take keith yandle. i know at one point everyone on here wanted him. ill take anyone who can move the puck crisply out of the zone i would take any new faces on defense honestly. CDH dumba brodin fowler yandle trouba we have the pieces we just dont want to part with them. i would trade anyone not named larkin AA and mantha and our #1 pick. teams had interest in Helm. i have to imagine tatar and nyquist are worth something. but im willing to trade them and have 2-1 games instead of 5-6 games
  8. rumor has it wild is going to trade one of dumba or brodin....
  9. Preds not going down without a fight.
  10. wow i guess ill stop watching this series maybe the preds will make an amazing comeback. i think whoever wins the next game wins the series
  11. they could..theyre still missing their number 1 dman. and winning the cup
  12. lolol i dont have to watch this series anymore preds had a chance rinnie choked. over
  13. Interesting game. After the penguins stopped getting help from the refs they got dominated. No shots on goal for almost 40mins crazy. Surprised Rinne s*** the bed. Going to be a weird series. I could totally see preds dominating and pens finding a way to win. Just like Last night at least it's not as lopsided as most people thought. Preds have a legitimate chance to win it.
  14. i was not impressed with him when he was with washington rather have cam fowler