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  1. I don't think there's many hockey players in the league that would lose on purpose.
  2. tatar going to be the only 20 goal scorer this year? thats why glendenning is playing
  3. i hope he goes all season with no goals
  4. How blashill still has a job after losing to the worst team in the league is beyond me. Organization is f***ed
  5. calling it sheahan with the game winner tonight
  6. IMO bench larkin..what has he done? all i see him do is come with a burst of speed and turn over the puck or at least put mantha on a line that will do something offensively..throw him with larkin maybe theyll have some chemistry
  7. the battle of whos worse
  8. if he didnt leave wed at least see some magic this year along with some hits
  9. well see it took Z and datsyuk 3-4 season on a much better team to be studs. now i wasnt watching back then but they played with a lot of good players. superstars offensively and denfensively. while now larkin AA mantha tatar and nyquist are only playing with zetterberg and a dying defense
  10. i have a question where is this team when hank retires? whos going to be the one to lead this team? bring it every night? i dont see anyone on this current roster that will tatar nyquist mantha larkin all lost without Z. IMO the only reason they were remotely successful is because they played with zetterberg they are all invisible unless hank is on their line.
  11. everyone just overhyped the f*** outta jurco. he was never anything special even when he played with datsyuk. STOP OVERHYPING THE PROSPECTS
  12. if holland doesnt do anything to help the defense next year and we do not have a new coach then you should really think about saving that money and frustration
  13. i am happy i didnt waste money signing up for gamecenter to watch the wings this season