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  1. great highlight reel for howard. great highlight reel of how s***ty our defense is too. 5 breakaways one game
  2. weird seeing another team not being able to buy a goal. that usually happens to the wings howard def showing everyone he still got it gave up way too many breakaways and shots opportunities . not much offense but came away with the win. im impressed.
  3. anyone still have a problem with glendenning or miller?
  4. this will be a good test. lets see what theyre made of
  5. vanek making sure helm earns his money damn that line is fire
  6. thats the mike green we wanted when he was signed
  7. wings need to remember theres still 45 mins of hockey left
  8. vanek is our offense so far
  9. vanek been on the ice and set up every goal except for one so far
  10. lolol mick saying ericsson been solid all 3 games what games you watching?
  11. they actually had a cycle going in the offensive zone amazing
  12. is sproul that bad that they wont put him in?
  13. everyone has their demands. holland really shot himself in the foot basically this is what ive read to get trouba it cost you larkin plus picks probably to get fowler it cost you aa or mantha plus 16th overall pick but before any of this happens you have to make cap room! fowler is 4mil and trouba wants at least 5.5mil when you look at cap room you look at the awesome signings holland has made. ericsson 4.25 abs 4.25 helm 3.8 howard 5.2 mil the pointless signing of ott sooo realistically i dont see holland trading for either.