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  1. f*** this team if sproul goes
  2. i love winning but i am still not comfortable with the defense..yes it MIGHT be good enough to get us into the playoffs. sproul has looked damn good and really helping out IMO. but we need another either solid stay at home aggressive guy or a guy who can make that first pass out of the zone or maybe kronwall will be that guy when hes healthy. as they say "we like our team"
  3. legit teams. the wins with the exception of the rangers were bottom teams.
  4. can we trade howard for doughty? are they that desperate
  5. shanahan-datsyuk-holmstrom yes i have 2 left wingers oh well lids-murphy hasek
  6. what is going on with this team? i never expected a back to back win wowzers
  7. ugly but finding ways to win definitely need an upgrade on D please
  8. whatsup this teams ass with the fights lmao nice job larkin
  9. did that really hit abs
  10. i hate nhln-us i can never find a good stream when its on that channel
  11. great highlight reel for howard. great highlight reel of how s***ty our defense is too. 5 breakaways one game
  12. weird seeing another team not being able to buy a goal. that usually happens to the wings howard def showing everyone he still got it gave up way too many breakaways and shots opportunities . not much offense but came away with the win. im impressed.
  13. anyone still have a problem with glendenning or miller?
  14. this will be a good test. lets see what theyre made of