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  1. DRW Training Camp 2017

    Ryan sproul didn't pass his physical
  2. 9/28 Exhibition GDT : Red Wings at Boston Bruins, 7:00 EST

    Can someone send me a link to the game please!!!!
  3. All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    I'm a long time follower first time poster does anyone have a link to the stream for the game tonight please message me the link? Thank you
  4. Greatest Backhands in Hockey

    Paul Kariya has a good backhand 2nd to Chris Brown on Rhianna
  5. SCHEDULE for 2009-2010

    Do you think the two games in sweden will be on TV?
  6. Transportation

    We are going to the first game of the playoffs and was wondering what is the best way to get to and from the joe from our hotel. We are staying about 10 miles out of detroit, so we we wondering about the best way to do it. Shuttles i know are from the hockeytown cafe which we wanted to go their to eat so thats an option or taxi it the whole time. Also, i heard about the detroit people mover but not really sure how that works so if someone could help fill me in on this that would be great GO WINGS!!!!!!!
  7. Columbus Game

    I was wondering if the Game saturday against Columbus was sold out? I Dont wanna drive 7 hours for nothing
  8. Getting sick of "Ovie's" goal celebration's

    The thing i dont like about ovie is the other day he was set up perfectly for a open net by his other linemate and just went off with his celebration. Doing his celebration he skated right by one of his teamates leaving out to dry. This is totally disrespectful because his linemate did the work and he just left him hanging. Unlike red wings who greet and hug and headbutt each other right away giving EVERYONE ON THE ICE credit for the goal.
  9. College Student tickets

    i cant do that because i only can go to the week of my spring break which is like March 2-7 and those game are for 10th an 12th otherwise i would of
  10. College Student tickets

    My hometown in like 7-8 hours away from detroit i was thinking of going down a day before the game just to make sure we get them. Why did wayne state send an email about what? or was it to the box office?
  11. College Student tickets

    I was wondering some info about the college student tickets for $15 dolllars. I am from Escanaba, MI and i know you need to buy them at the box office so i dont wanna travel all that way for nothing. So i know you need a college I.D and i have one but i dont know if it will work because all it has on it is my name and my student ID at bay de noc community college so i was wondering if you need a picture id or can you use your drivers license or some other kinds?