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  1. Feds needs to go up in the rafters. He earned it and then some.
  2. I named my mastiff Kronwall. Lived up to it when he was a puppy, too.
  3. This is not an NHL player attitude. Play the toughtest opponents possible so you don't get soft.
  4. You know, I have reconsidered my position. I hope for just good old fashioned hockey, eh. Lets just go out there and play a good clean game of putting the biscuit in the basket. But as a kharmic reward, I want Coburn to take Crosby's head and smash it against the glass a couple of times in Game 2 with 5 seconds to play. I'll pay the fine personally.
  5. Unleash Bertuzzi. If he reminds Weber what he's capable of, he erases the debt for what he did to Moore in my eyes.
  6. I used to think this about San Jose.
  7. You couldnt stop Gretzky. Any one of our defensive forwards can shut him down all things being equal. The question is- do you have the lines to win the battle of attrition.
  8. Congratulations Nashville, Los Angeles and Anaheim, you just beat- the Grand Rapids Griffins. That's really all I have to say on the matter.
  9. Its not that bad, not like it was during the rivalry. People probably wont say anything especially since the Wings aren't in town. Nowadays Red Wings jerseys outnumber Avs jerseys on days when Detroit is in town. I haven't had words with hecklers in several years.
  10. I'm feelin pretty justified in my Preds choice in the poll tonight.
  11. Evidently there is no pleasing the likes of you.
  12. I never did understand the Feds haters.
  13. Sharks in 5.