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  1. Now What Can the NHL Do For You, the Fans

    Same here on the boycott of games and merchandise. Also I have been a Center Ice subscriber for at least 5 years and have cancelled it. Not buying it again for at least two years. Will watch the games on free TV but that's it. I love the game and sport but I am pissed at the NHL and I'm letting them know with my wallet.
  2. Isnt it easy to see?

    Had to chuckle at this one. I'm a Detroit area native who's followed the Wings since about 1960.... but I have lived in Atlanta since 1996. Still make it to the occasional Wings games at the Joe including twice in the playoffs last year. Since I love NHL hockey I have become a Thrashers season ticket holder.... I know, I know.... but as I said I love hockey. As Wings fans, we are truly spoiled..... at least the last 12-15 year or so. (I remember the Dead Wings of the 70s, too)..... Trust me you would not want to be a Thrashers fan..... it's truly painful to watch, both the team and the ownership and front office. Uggghhh. When I just can't take it anymore, I watch the Wings for my fix of good hockey / good team / good ownership / good GM .... well you get the idea. I occasionally visit this board (as a Wings fan not as some Atlanta troll) and I have to laugh....sometimes this board sounds like the Thrashers board - you would think the Wings were in 29th place in the league :-) Anyway, just wanted to offer some perspective as long time Wings fan who also has another "adopted" team..... when you get down on the Wings, just remember, you could be a Thrashers fan !!!! Go Wings !