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  1. Mock All-Star Draft

    Funny cartoon of the NHL All-Star Draft. Lidstrom's voice is what makes this amazing.
  2. The 2012 Winter Classic

    I think it's time they turn the Winter Classic into a Double Header just like the NFL does with the Thanksgiving Classic. Have the early game between two East teams and the late game between two West teams. I know there is this feeling of keeping it a special thing to play in but why not extend it and turn it into a major hockey event that lasts all day. Also, with 4 teams getting to play outside each year they could even throw a Canadian team in it once in a while, but the games should always be played in the States to keep interest in hockey growing.
  3. Toast of Hockeytown

    I wanted to go last year but had an exam the next morning so I figured it wasn't the best idea. Thickets were only $200 last year if I recall. Wish I could go this year but I live to far away now.
  4. Boyle's Own Goal, Steve Smith still lives

    I didn't make this, but...
  5. 13 + 40 = Obvious!

    The real problem is that the team is playing pretty poor defensively. So regardless of who gets the pairing with Z and Dats, the 2nd line could be a potential defensive nightmare. I would like to see Flip, Dats and Z but the potential of Bert, Franzen and Homer kinda scares me unless they were paired with Lids and B Raf. But when you are down 3-2 or 4-2 in the 3rd period in a playoff game you have to do whatever it takes to win.
  6. Ericsson may play forward

    This is gonna be awesome.
  7. Joe Louis the crumbling arena

    That article is sooooo true. I once took a nasty fall on the steps outside while leaving the Joe after a playoff game against Chicago last season. I thought I broke my arm and my hat fell off. Someone actually stole my hat but my arm felt better after a few coney dogs at Lafayette. I'm only 5'10 and I have a hard enough time fitting into the rows. My dad is 6'5 and he has a such a hard time fitting his legs into the rows that he got his season tickets in the folding chairs so that he has enough room. I personally can''t wait until they have a brand new place to play at, but don't get me wrong, I love the Joe and I'll miss the hell out of it. So many great memories there.
  8. Detroit Red Wings open house

    They have one shop open selling sutff along with the Hockeytown Authentics Store. Stuff like generic pucks and the mini sticks sell fast because people buy them to get signed. But you can always get a hat or something. I had to buy a hat at the one in october because I ran out of pucks to get signed. I ended up getting everyones signature excpet 3 people. Its a blast. Have fun!
  9. Olympia Room

    What is considered proper attire? And who is usually allowed in?
  10. "Don't Touch Sidney!"

    HAHA My favorite was the "Your face interfered with Sidney's elbow" Nice find.
  11. Obstructed view seats

    Basically, in the back rows the seats go back without going up as much , so when you are sitting you can't see the part of the ice that is closest to you. Best bet is to grab some beer, and stand up in the back row. I went to game earlier in the season and sat in the back row seats. Pretty fun actually other than standing during the periods. Had a blast though.
  12. Kenny on The Hour with Bettman

    hahahahahahaha How many times has he said that damn quote.
  13. Poor Crosby / Double Standard

    The reason people have such a problem with Crosby is because he stands for everything that is wrong with the NHL. He is a young kid with no real acheivments next to his name and he gets all the publicity over other more qualified players. He may be talented but he doesn't have the charisma or character needed to be the face of an entire league. If you have to make a young gun the face of the NHL, use Ovie, he at least has charisma. In my eyes Ovie is the Lebron James of the NHL, hasn't really done anything yet, but is talented and charismatic enough to be widely popular and entertaining. Crosby is hated by every hockey fan I know, even my friends who are penguin fans only like him because he is talented. The NHL needs to invest in making more players household names, not just Crosby. Get some other names out there to breed popularity for the sport. Not everyone wants to get behind a kid with no cup and no beard.
  14. Does anyone else here put up a shrine?

    I have about 10 Red Wing bobble heads in my room that get rearranged when the team starts doing bad in the post season. The good players move up and the bad ones head to the back. When I was younger my mom rearranged them while dusting my room and the wings lost that round. Never again was she allowed to touch them.
  15. Post your favourite Red Wings Songs

    the April in the D song this year blows big time. Its lame and doesn't get anyone pumped up for anything. Does anyone have the link to all the other April in the D songs that were up to win because there has to have been something better to choose.