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  1. 12/4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Kings 3 (OT)

    Oh well, 5-6 points from California is pretty good. We still only have 4 regulation losses, which is pretty incredible. Even with the OT loss, Detroit still on pace for 120+ points this season.
  2. 12/4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Kings 3 (OT)

    It is your morale obligation to become a full fledged alcoholic by the end of the season. Your life might suck, but it will make the rest of the LGW fanbase very happy
  3. Operation: Curly Fries

    You know, what if nobody scores a h#t-trick? All this attention and free advertising for Arby's would be for nothing.
  4. Rogers offers 1.3 Billion for Leafs/Raptors.

    I wish I had an extra Billion to buy a hockey team with. As it is currently, I've got to save money just to buy new skates.
  5. 12/3 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Ducks 0

    Kronner, if you watch, plays deep offensively. For every bonehead mistake he does make, he sets up or takes part in a deep play of beauty. He's not a traditional defensemen. And he's creating his "own" role. And he's gotten incredibly good, and unique. He won't be Nick's replacement, but he'll be top line when Nick is gone.
  6. 12/3 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Ducks 0

    Words cannot describe how happy I am with this team. I kinda hope we lose against LA, cause to be honest, Detroit just keeps inflating my ego
  7. Boston 8-1 over TBL

    In other news, the Islanders absolutely suck. Even when they score 5 goals, they still lose. They went down two goals. They fought back to take the lead, 3-2. The Rangers then made it 5-3. The Islanders AGAIN scored twice to tie it up. 25 seconds later, they blew it again, and took the L in regulation. Gaborik with a hat trick though. Don't hear much about him lately. Crosby with a Trick too. As much as I hate that guy, he's really pulling ahead in the scoring race. At one point he trailed Stamkos by like 8 points, now he leads by 4 points. Crosby first in goals, first in points, second in assists. 130 point pace. Leads all forwards in the NHL for Time on Ice....though. I'm sure it helps that the Penguins can just shift him over and over. Little punk ***** got skillz. I think it's because HBO is following him around with a camera. He's always been a show-off style attention ***** type of player. ---------- Lastly, just want to point out Datsyuk is .01 Points Per Game higher than Ovechkin right now. 4th in the NHL. Go Pav!
  8. 12/3 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Ducks 0

    It would be awesome if someone named their arena the "Bat Cave". In the event that I am ever a billionaire, and buy a franchise, and build an arena, I am totally doing it. Tell me that wouldn't make a cool jersey logo
  9. Hat Trick - Curly Fries or Jr. Roast Beef?

    I would totally try to get them anyway. If you threw a fit and brought in a copy of the box score, I bet you could get your fries. They might have to call the corporate office though. It's really just one fry. I'm sure if you were buying something too it wouldn't be an issue :-p
  10. Starting a franchise- first 6 picks?

    Hudler, Hudler's mom, Hudler's Sister, Hudler's Dog, Hudler's dog's collar, Hudler's favorite fork. I got things to do this summer, so I'm hoping for an early exit
  11. Free 15-day Trial of NHL GameCenter LIVE

    I think they ended it, lol. I ordered it 8 days ago. In the middle of the Washington/Dallas game tonight it kicked me out, and required that I pay. I tried refreshing it and it definitely wants me to pay ) It's not a bad service, I just can't use it often enough for it to be worth what they're asking for it. It's too bad you can't just buy single games. I'd pay like 99cents or something for a game, if I could pay when I was ready to watch one. But when nearly every team has free feeds out there, buying the NHL package is only useful if you plan to watch a lot of games. Other than Detroit games, I usually only catch maybe 1-2 other teams a week. I just thought it was weird that it ended right in the middle of a game. What a tease I'm not worried about getting the rest of the free trial. I wasn't using it to watch Detroit games anyway.
  12. TSN Poll - Best Player In NHL Right Now

    Sounds like a job for Scotty Boatman!
  13. Goals Scored During Final Minutes Of The Period

    22% of the goals scored against us came in the final 2 minutes of a period. Considering, the final two minutes of each period, accounts for only 10% of the game but 22% of the goals against us, we are over twice as likely to be scored on in the final 2 minutes of a period, than in any other given 2 minute span of the game. 13 goals scored against in the final 2 minutes of each period, or 6 minutes. 46 total goals scored against in the other 54 minutes. We still gotta tighten up those final 2 minutes Conversely, we've scored 12% of our goals in the final 2 minutes. It means offensively, we don't really score more in the final two minutes than we do during the rest of the game. 12% of our goals in the final 10% of each period, versus 22% of our opponents goals in that same span.
  14. HBO to film Pens - Caps

    It looks like a good show. Usually anything HBO does is. I just hate the fact that it's these two teams. I understand they're building up the Winter Classic (By the time the game comes, people will be hyped to see who actually wins it, so it's really just a huge promo). But I mean, honestly. The Penguins? Interesting thought. If you read the articles by HBO, they literally are filming 24 hours a day, every day. Ovechkin is maybe suffering a bit, meanwhile it seems Crosby is eating the attention for breakfast.
  15. Boston 8-1 over TBL

    Boston lit the clock over and over. 7 Different goal scorers. I felt bad for Stevie Y.