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  1. This Tomas Jurco, has some pretty sick moves. Do a search on youtube. Him and Datsyuk should get along GREAT! Nice pick Kenny!
  2. Have loved both of these guys over the years. But, when you cant contribute to the team. Time to hang up the skates. Both would be assets to the front office in some capacity.
  3. Hope to see Hossa a Wing next year.
  4. AGREE!
  5. Have the 2009 Stanley Cup Fianls Program for Sale. $31.00 Shipped in US. Payment by Paypal. Includes 2009 Stanley Cup Finals Program, Game #1 Insert and Rally Towel. PM me if interested.
  6. CBC all the way. NBC only after the game for Mickey's Analysis!
  7. I prefer to watch on CBC. Much better coverage than NBC. You don't get as much Crosby stroking either!
  8. Hell of a Game Boys!!!!! 3 MORE!!
  9. Does this mean we can send Lilja packing?? I hope so.
  10. IF they resign Lilja that would be a huge mistake. That guy just can't play. Make room for some younger guys. This guy has proven over the last few years he is a liability. He is the only guy on the team that makes me nervous until he is OFF the ice. Please of Please don't bring him back.
  11. Did anyone hear the Holmstrom interview. He was asked about all of his injuries and Homer said, "I know I don't skate very well but I don't need this s***"!! I was dying on the floor.
  12. Please oh Please Don't Resign that Turd! Lilja has to go.....
  13. LILJA is terrible. Get him off the team! I don't ever remember him playing well though. Why do we still have him?
  14. I have some Brand New 2008 Stanley Cup Finals Programs, I also have other Cup Year Programs 1997, 1998, 2002 if you are looking for these please let me know. PM me.