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  1. looking for a pic of franzen

    nope, the pic was from a swedish online paper.
  2. looking for a pic of franzen

    He has sunglasses and a cap in it from a few years ago. I cant find the pic on google search. Anyone know of it?
  3. Calle Jarnkrok

    no interest for jarnkrok? The guy has had a flying start in SEL this year with 3 game winners in a row.
  4. Nick Lidstrom: Plus/Minus Watch Thread

    rob blake snubbed lidstrom on a norris back in 1998 when blake was minus 3. So yeah you can win a norris while being a minus player.
  5. Jimmy Howard watch thread

    wow one good game every 10 games? Even Daniel Larsson is still better than this guy.
  6. Imagine having Nabokov now. I would be much more confident going into the playoffs with him instead of Howard.
  7. Calle Jarnkrok
  8. Calle Jarnkrok

    excuse me? He is already better than any player australia ever produced.
  9. Adam Almqvist the best steal since Z and D?

    Lehner and FPW
  10. Adam Almqvist the best steal since Z and D?

    almqvist is a very smooth skater, that stands out for me the most.
  11. Sweden is playing USA and Finland in the U20 Lake Placid Tournament right now and Adam Almqvist is making a great impact and has been promoted to the 1st line to play with OEL. Almqvist has played 3 games and picked up 1+2 so far and are according to reports looking great. meanwhile Jarnkrok has been 2+0 so far Sweden: Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson-Anton Lander-Carl Klingberg Gabriel Landeskog-Calle Jarnkrok-Sebastien Wannstrom William Wallen-Jacob Josefson-Patrick Cehlin Martin Karlsson-Oscar Lindberg-Jesper Fasth Oliver Ekman-Larsson-Adam Almqvist Fredrik Styrman-Simon Bertilsson Adam Larsson-Sebastian Owuya
  12. Bertuzzi Signs 2 Year Deal

    if I was holmstrom i would be offended now.
  13. some stupid people has said that pronger is better than lidstrom alltime just because he has a good playoffs. I would hate to see the conn smythe go to him. It must go to chicago and toews!
  14. says lids has signed a 1 year deal. The source should come from persons close to lidstrom.