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  1. Pasha13


  2. Pasha13

    Crosby coming back

    being the poster boy for the nhl and reebok isn't enough...guess he wants to be the poster boy for concussions too
  3. Pasha13

    Crosby coming back

    pierre mcquire ACTUALLY just said "imagine for nilsson, one day he can tell his grandkids, 'i gave up crosby's first goal back.'"...please tell me somebody else heard that
  4. Pasha13

    Rypien suspended 6 games

    I've taken several business law classes, and like it or not, Konnan's right...a business simply saying "we're not liable for <whatever>" does NOT make it so. You can print it all over the ticket and have signs up around the venue, but if you get assaulted by a hockey player while you're just sitting there, then you have a slam dunk case. I'd like to think most of us wouldn't sue, but we'll likely never be in that situation. Just let him sue, they'll settle out of court.
  5. Pasha13

    Has the world ended

    He looks like Ron Jeremy...what a total ding dong, he was wearing this at a Blues vs. Wild game, too... Anyone who would wear such a thing must have a child's mind, so maybe he's sincerely mentally retarded and we should go easy on him...just sayin.
  6. Pasha13

    Yzerman GM in Chicago soon?

    There was also an article out of Montreal speculating that Babcock was planning to coach the Canadiens because his wife and daughter were taking French lessons...these people are clowns with way too much time and a hard-on for shock value...don't bother with it.
  7. Pasha13

    Remember This Lidstrom Defensive Gem?

    Easy killer...Hasek was outstanding at just that...guarding the net. But be honest with yourself, Hasek was one of the all time worst at playing the puck away from the crease, and while it was usually harmless, he didn't always have Lids there to save him. And it did cost us a goal in the playoffs in '07, when he lost it to Michalek behind the goal line and it was in the net off Thorton's stick not even a second later... All that said, nobody's trying to take away from this play by Nick or the career of Hasek...sheesh.
  8. Pasha13

    Remember This Lidstrom Defensive Gem?

    Dude's a beast, no doubt about that. Super brilliant play... If only there was one of these plays for every time Hasek burped up the puck 30 feet from the crease...that certainly happened a lot.
  9. Pasha13

    Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Yeah, well...I think it's a great idea...EVERY SINGLE new hockey fan HAS to be a Penguins fan...they just have wouldn't make sense for ANY OTHER TEAM to grow their fanbase...ever again. The league MUST make sure this trend continues, as Piitsburgh is a model franchise (Bettman's own words) and Sidney is truly the best possible example of a pro athlete...ever.
  10. Pasha13


    I dunno...not much of this is realistic...however someone mentioned Moen, who I like...he's not very expensive. Tough to say...with these new contracts for Z and Mule starting next year, we don't have much cap room at all... I mean even without Hossa coming back, some of our players are gonna have to take a hike.
  11. Pasha13

    To the Pens fans

    Definitely...nothing can be taken away from their win. Pens beat some really bad odds against a team that is not easy to beat, period. Cheers, Pittsburgh. This cup was well earned. :beerbuddy:
  12. Pasha13

    SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    4-2 Wings after an empty has to be...I'll be an empty shell of a man unless we win tonight. And I hope Bettman gets an octopus to the head, regardless of who he's presenting trophies to.
  13. Pasha13

    What will..

    I had several beers leading up to the game on Tuesday, thinking it would calm my nerves, but the frustrating start to the game just made me a nervous, buzzed, disoriented mess... As for tonight? I'm thinking...sleeping pills. Just enough of them to slow my heart-rate to a crawl.
  14. Pasha13

    Marian Hossa Discussions

    While I don't deny that he's contributed some very timely assists and created some energy with his hitting...THAT'S NOT WHAT WE SIGNED THIS CLOWN FOR. He's making Lidstrom's salary...we pay him $7.45M to SCORE BIG GOALS...something he's done in only 3 games in this playoff run...damnit, he's a goal scorer...I WANT GOALS OUT OF HIM.
  15. Pasha13

    No one wants this cup more than Crosby

    Want in one hand, **** in the other...see which gets filled first. :violin: