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  1. A Little DRW Help with Game 4.

    Could you imagine? They'd have me arrested and in the tank before the octopus hit the ice.
  2. Hey guys. I'm a die hard Wings fan from St. Clair Shores that has been living in Los Angeles for about 15 years. I'm flying into Pittsburgh tonight for Game 4 and need some help: 1) I'm looking to car pool with any DRW fans back to Detroit on Sunday or Monday. I'm in my 20's, am cool, and will happily cover gas and buy you a meal on the way back. I'd prefer to drive back with Wings fans then rent a car and drive myself. 2) I still need a ticket for Game 4 in PIT. I'm sure I'll be able to scalp one there if I have to, but am hoping that a DRW fan that doesn't want to take me to the cleaners is out there and will hook me up. Would meet you in PIT tomorrow morning/afternoon. Email or PM me. Thanks guys - and GO WINGS!