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  1. That was something else. Three straight against the top of the conference. Keep it up boys.
  2. To be fair so is Jonathan Toews. Either way though it's a strange pick. Figured Larkin or Mantha at least.
  3. Minus being badly outshot, THIS is the team I wish we would see more often than not. Passion and deadly special teams, combined with solid goaltending. Hard not to like that.
  4. They seriously should forfeit all games in Montreal. Embarrassment is almost assured and the refs are always extra ridiculous in this building.
  5. THAT's the Mike Green we need on a more consistent basis. Nice win after two fairly crappy games.
  6. Why always Boyle? Ugh.
  7. Signed

    That is the exact kind of stuff I want to read. It is sorely lacking on this team these days.
  8. Signed

    Lol awesome. There's our grit.
  9. Damn. We should have went after Staal if he was that cheap.
  10. 5.25 per sounds like. Ugh.
  11. Please be true.
  12. signed

    I like Helm but man that's overpayment. He does not belong in the top six.
  13. Rumors of Landeskog being available. If only.
  14. Please God yes.