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  1. whats the pw for the stream s.v.p

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    not the right place for me to post this , dunno how to get the image into the GDT.. too much of a homer I guess. wish someone would post this image on the HFboards Bluejackets forum so the BJ fans can stop whining about the "nocall that cost them the game.......and the entire series". Alot of them are still convinced the 6th guy was stepping thru the opening of the bench when chimera touched the puck.....but I guess that was their 7th guy? Namtaru do u have the full picture that shows the whole ice (including bench) would love to have a copy to show my BJ friends.
  3. Here's another conspiracy theory proving the league (Bettman) wants the wings to fail/lose. Wings seem to have more back-to-back games than most of the other teams. Wings 16 Sharks 13 Penguins 11 Oh, the injustice. disclaimer.... figures may be off as they were counted under heavy medication, and yes I have nothing better to do with my life.
  4. No debate needed..... “Nick Lidstrom, come get the Stanley Cup,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said. “It’s yours to take back to Hockeytown.” If Bettman thinks it, it's good enough for me. /jokin' Bettman is lazy and he sucks.
  5. Hey Guys, Long time lurker, finally registered. Thought you might get a laugh from this old 2004 article.... Sorry if its already been posted. ...added the date