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  1. DogBolter

    2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    This is why there are seven games in a series. Go Wings.
  2. DogBolter

    Any News on "The Bastard"

    I'm not sure if they are playing down to the opposition (which the Dogs are good enough to play up to), if they are tired from playing hard to secure a playoff spot, or if they are tired from 19 straight years in the playoff and are happy they made it in and are looking for an early exit to enjoy a long summer rest (subconsciously). I've been watching the Kings and Nucks and that is a fast, wide open, game. Lots of speed and action. Reminds me of the Wings a few seasons back. Go Wings.
  3. DogBolter

    anyone with an internet feed for 2nights game?

    Who is Justin? And why did his .TV site just go offline? It was cool while it was working.
  4. DogBolter

    DirecTV dropping Versus network

    They drop Versus, I get to drop a tier. The only reason I pay for the higher tier is to get Versus. This could save me money.
  5. DogBolter

    Game 5 Is Going to Be a Blast

    Just win the home games. Bring it for 60.
  6. DogBolter

    Signed Jersey from 2003 - Recognize Signature?

    Thanks for the thoughts. Sounds reasonable to me.
  7. DogBolter

    Signed Jersey from 2003 - Recognize Signature?

    Here is a signature on the back side.
  8. A friend of mine bought a signed Wings Jersey back in 2003 with three signatures. There is no number on the jersey, just the Winged Wheel. Anyone recognize the signatures?
  9. DogBolter

    2250 POST FOR A GAME 6 WIN

    Go Wings. Wrap it up on the road.
  10. DogBolter

    2000 Posts for a Red Wings Game 5 Win

    Win the Odds! Take the Evens. Sprint to four. Go Wings.
  11. DogBolter

    O'Halloran's Work

    Funny ref moment: If you have the Avs/Wings game from 15 Feb. on DVR, 5:52 into the second period (14:08 left), O'Halloran calls a high stick penalty on Foote. As Foote skates by, O'Halloran exaggerates the call and makes one goofy face at Foote. Well worth looking at. If anyone can post the clip it would be worth sharing. We replayed it over 20 times. Very funny.
  12. DogBolter

    10/9 GDT: Maple Leafs 3, Red Wings 2

    Looking at the program guide for Direct Tv on channel 604 (Versus/Golf HD) it shows LPGA golf. The Wings game is listed on the SD channel. If correct, that sucks.
  13. DogBolter

    Helm/Leino deserve Samuelsson's roster spot

    Had a chance to watch tonights game, 1st of the season for me. It was a great game. Well played and fast paced. Helm's speed is amazing. Ken Holland did an extended interview durnig the 2nd period and discussed the challenge of getting under the salary cap. He's going to move a defense man, just not sure who. And with Cheli getting hurting tonight, it may make the decision easier or more difficult. Either way the guys looked good. Just couldn't bury the biscuit during their 5 on 3.
  14. DogBolter

    Who drew you in?

    Growing up in a small northern Michigan town we didn't have cable (3 channels), no local hockey, and no interest. When I left the state in 1988 to join the Marines I started tracking all Michigan sports team as it was a way to stay close to home. I started watching hockey full time during the playoffs of the 92-93 season. I was pulling for the Kings, but no go. I've been hooked since then. Any game on TV I get, I can watch. The speed, the love of the game the players demonstrate, only one time out, fast action. You can't beat it. I can't wait till the season starts!