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  1. Ken Kal + Journey Song

    found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBpbFKqJwFs
  2. First recorded pair of ice skates!

    Lidstrom is almost "mythical!"
  3. ESPN takes shots at Detroit sports teams

    OK, keep in mind, I did not research exact years and such, and consider that I am 32 years old, so I am going to pretty much go off my generation: THE TIGERS: '68 World Series Champs (not my generation, but we all know) '84 World Series Champs '87 Playoffs '06 World Series runner-ups *do NOT give up on this year's team* THE PISTONS: '88 NBA Champs '89 NBA Champs '04 (?) NBA Champs *deep runs into the playoffs for 6 straight years* THE LIONS: '91 (?) one game away from the Super Bowl but at least we had Barry Sanders U of M: '89 National Championship for basketball '97 National Championship for football (as if anyone truly shared said title either) The Fab Five may have their seasons "erased" but we know what we saw twice! The football program, win or lose, never gets any respect nationally anyways, and I've seen great years! Not looking it up, but how many National Championships did their hockey teams win? MSU: '79 National Championship for basketball '01 (?) National Championship for basketball Like U of M's hockey team, same question! LAST BUT NOT LEAST, OUR WINGS: '97 Stanley Cup Champions '98 Stanley Cup Champions '02 Stanley Cup Champions '08 Stanley Cup Champions '95 Stanley Cup runner ups How many years have we made the playoffs in a row (sarcasm to the "reporter")? How many deep runs into the playoffs have we gone? As a sportsfan in the region of Detroit, considering what our teams have accomplished, compared to other teams that have done nothing, I can say I am content! If I do not see another winner in a decade or two, I can be somewhat happy, knowing that for 25+ years, Detroit and Michigan has had many many many reasons to celebrate! Why was this year's Stanley Cup win one that makes us all smile with pride? It is because we were NOT supposed to even be in the running, because these "great" and "knowledgeable" reporters and broadcasters said so! It is great to win, do not misquote me, but one thing I see here, is as long as our teams can compete and show that they give 100% effort, we back 'em 100%, regardless of championships! Hell, many of us live and die with the Lions! Also, let's not forget, the Wings, Tigers, and the Pistons are run by some of the best in the business, so tweaks here and there seem to be all that is needed, instead of a major overhaul and rebuild! I see a bright NEAR future if ya ask me!
  4. Which Wings have their name on the cup

    Posted a few times already! A player must play either 40 or 41 (unsure of the exact #, but it is close enough) regular season games OR play in 1 game in the Stanley Cup Finals. A team can petition for a player's name to be added, but it does not generally mean said player's name will be added.
  5. ozzie

    I have a funny story about Ozzie! In 1997, I turned 21, so in true Detroit area fashion, I pretty much hit every bar and nightclub from Pontiac to Toledo. Then the Wings won the Cup in '97, and maybe a week afterwards, Ozzie and a couple other Wings were at a local nightclub. Now I am tall, as we all know, Ozzie is not! I went to use the restroom, and as I am going, I notice I am using the urinal, right next to the one Ozzie is using. No, I am not ***, but I look at him, then focus on not missing, then look back at him, and said something on the order of this, "ya know Ozzie, I can take ya in a fight!" In true fashion to his character and wit as we all have grown to love, he looked up at me and said, "yeah, but can you take on the whole bar!" It was all good, even bought him a beer. When he left the first time, I was pissed.........and was happy as hell when he resigned a few short years ago. He is a great player, great person, and an excellent character! He will retire a Wing!
  6. Parade Attendance? 1.4 MILLION?

    He probably bought Boone's Farm. He is a liar ffs! Edited to add: and he charged it to the city too!
  7. Parade Attendance? 1.4 MILLION?

    Brian Rafalski, if I heard correctly said that the parade was much better than the parking lot rallies held in New Jersey. I was unable to attend, but it just goes to show how fans of all Detroit teams love their players, when 1.4 million people show up. Someone said a ratio of 1 in 8, add in those who would have loved to be there (myself included), well, no question who has the best fans in sports!
  8. 10 best Captains in the last 14 years

    Been lurking on these boards these past few days and finally registered! Unless I missed, somebody finally mentioned Ron Francis, one of the greats that not many think of!