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  1. Trade Time?

    We've had a good first half, but that being said..Hudler was a waste of space on the bench nearly the entire time. Just because someone says that they want to see someone traded, doesn't mean that they think that the sky is falling. Although that is usually everyone's OVER reaction. Let the man say what he wants. Supposed to be a friendly place. Oh and if you don't consider all of your options, that's when you miss an opportunity. So a curious mind is a good thing
  2. 1/8 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Canucks 1 (SO)

  3. The City of Detroit

    The Hockeytown Cafe is fun to visit but the food is not that good at all and it's usually pretty packed before the game. Nemo's is the place to go if you want to go to a real Detroit sports bar. It was ranked by ESPN as the #3 sports bar in America awhile back. Great American food, good old Detroit bar atmosphere, free parking, and a $3 shuttle. It's a couple minute drive to the Joe (you can bring your beer on the bus on the way to the game), but they take the back way along the river and there's not much of a wait. The pickup is easy as heck too. You also miss pretty much all the traffic going in/out of town from there. Casinos are fun but if you want to do the Detroit thing then go where the locals go.
  4. Red Wings iPhone Theme?

    For those of us with a jailbroken iphone/ipod..any seen any decent red wings themes out there? I found one last year that someone tried way too hard on and it was very visually annoying. I am looking for a sharp, clean theme. I had to add all sorts of other DLed visuals to take away most of the theme I had from last year. Thx!!
  5. Red Wings Game Song.....

    Songs in the crowd are of the chant variety. We don't need to start turning the Joe into some sort of karaoke bar or American Idol contest by singing our rendition of 'hit' songs on our own. "Lets Go Red Wings!" and "Crosby sucks!" is enough me.
  6. Goal Light Helmet

    Anyone know where you can buy a Wings goal light helmet online? I live out of town now so I can't hit up any of the shops in the D. Didn't find any via google.
  7. Now it all makes sense.....,229211 No wonder fruity guys like Crosby so's his hidden talent....his 'unhinged jaw' ha
  8. Wings Flames game blacked out on Center Ice?

    Nevermind, it finally just started working...weird
  9. Wings Flames game blacked out on Center Ice?

    Do u have DirecTV? It's an eyesore ;-P
  10. March Schedule Wallpaper

    Is one not coming out this month or is it just late?
  11. Channel 773 on Direct TV says that it's Flames v Wild but when u turn to it it just shows the DirecTV logo on the screen. Anyone know what's going on with that PS This new board layout is annoying..
  12. Rafalski

    You can't really say that his goals were 'weak'..especially the first one. That first goal was scored doing exactly what he is supposed to the puck as hard as he can towards the net and keep it low to the ice and hope for a tip. That's exactly what a d-man is supposed to do and he is one of the best in the league at it. Deking around 3 guys and putting it top shelf is a 'pretty' goal for a forward. That first goal by Ralfie is a 'pretty' goal d-man style.
  13. Pierre Lebrun

    Pierre McGuire? You must be making a joke..a sick, sick joke. Haha.
  14. Pierre Lebrun

    I did mean McGuire. I had just read an article by Pierre Lebrun so his name came to mind. I don't care if this is the 1000th post on him. He was in RARE form the other night and I've had just about of having to listen to him..
  15. Pierre Lebrun

    I was never a fan of that broadcasting team......but was anyone else more annoyed by Pierre's comments more than ever today during the USA v Norway game? The play by play isn't that bad but Pierre just drives me nuts at time. Thoughts??