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  1. JimUK

  2. Just bought my tickets to '09 opener in Sweden!

    Ive yet to book the plane and hotel, will do that over the next few weeks, spent a fortune on these tickets! LOL
  3. Just bought my tickets to '09 opener in Sweden!

    Ive got my tickets! This is my first redwings game! I cant wait! Ill be going over on the 1st hopefully and in for the game for the 2nd and homeward bound for the 3rd October! If anyone wants to meet up before or is flying from anywhere in the UK lemme know! Ryanair are doing some cheap return flights but I dont fancy a ryanair flight ! LOL
  4. Road Trip

    Oh man, fair play to ya! Id love to do something like that. I wana get my ass over there sometime next year but money is tight at the moment. If the wings go to Sweden ill defo be there! NASN is a bit sucky when it comes to the hockey mind:(, Channel 5 usually have some stuff, not sure if they started broadcasting hockey stuff again. Have yet to check!
  5. Are you really a wings fan?

    I love the wings, have done for a while. Being in the UK its hard to catch games. We get NASN (North American Sports Network) which shows alot of games but hardly any redwings . Play off season I love as its Live on both NASN and on Channel 5 (at like 1/2am for us over here) and I had a great time watching the game and chatting away in the chat room with all you redwings fans! It was fantastic!
  6. XBox Live Gamertags

    Gamer Tag: Jimtec I have the following games ready for some action.... NHL 2k7, Call Of Duty 4, GTA IV, Ghost Recon 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, PGR3, Burnout Revenge, Smackdown Vs Raw 2007, Forza 2, Saints Row, Test Drive Unlimted, Battlestations Midway and UNO Please, please, PLEASE Message me when you add me cause If i dont know you, I will just remove you lol.
  7. Joe Vision

    Aww man, thanks for that! What an atmosphere! I would of done anything to of been there! Wow!
  8. Positive Post Thread: Why We'll Win Tonight?

    Im already in the chat ;-) haha. Lets Go Wings!
  9. Positive Post Thread: Why We'll Win Tonight?

    Yeah we will win! We have to! Its going to be a tense game mind! Hopefully im going to try and watch it all live without falling asleep like i did last time (sorry to everyone in the chat room the other night, I fell asleep during the game and my battery died on my laptop! (It was nearly 5am here! haha)). James