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  1. 3 point advantage games need to be eliminated

    Dickie was able to summarize my position. In international competition, a regulation win is worth 3, an OT or shoot out win is worth 2 and an OT or shoot out loss is worth 1. And there is a benefit to teams playing three point games with the current system. We saw it last night. The Wings won in regulation, but were only able to gain one collective point on two teams that played each other, who both happen to be chasing them for a playoff spot. So, either way, the Wings should have gained two points. That could be via both Ottawa and Pittsburgh earning one each or Ottawa gaining two while Pitt gets 0. However, since I don't think going back to the boring auto-ties is a good option, I say go for the three point system for all games. In this example, the Wings would have gained the full amount of points a win should normally bring: they would have gotten 3 for the regulation win, Ottawa would have gotten two and Pitt one. Hence, we would gain one on Ottawa and two on Pitt for a three point total gain earned by winning in regulation. Over the course of the season, this would be a benefit to true hockey. The teams that win more in regulation get an advantage, while teams that win a lot of shoot out games are disadvantaged, as that is not a real example of the game of hockey. For those that say this would create more separation and fewer close races, I disagree. There were plenty of close playoff races in the past and there still would be. Based on the games this year, I believe the race we have now would still be in similar shape between the current teams. In the west, I think LA might be ahead of Winnipeg, and the race might actually be closer (it's about over now). I do think Detroit might have a point or two more separation than they currently have, but this current situation is not the reason for my beliefs. I have had these thoughts since they started the shoot outs. Having some games worth two points and others worth three is not a good system, as all games are not created equal and they should be. They should have all games worth two points or all games worth three. My vote is for three. IMO, this would also alleviate some of the current concern in the NHL regarding shoot outs.
  2. I've thought about this a lot and after tonight's games, I really need to get this off my chest: the three point disadvantage (or advantage) really needs to be addressed. I've heard a lot about ways to reduce the number of shoot outs, but to me the biggest problem with the shoot out is that three points are awarded in the game. I understand that the NHL doesn't want to go back to the boring 5 minute, no shot OTs where both teams get one point with a tie. My question is this: why don't they make all games worth three points like they do in international hockey? For anyone worried about historical point records, those were obsolete the minute they introduced the three point game. It used to take 80 to 84 points to make the playoffs and only 2-3 teams each year had 100+ points. Now, 98 points could miss the playoffs and 10-12 teams will finish with at least 100 points. Make every game worth 3 points and the anxiety over shootouts, ROWs, etc. will go away.
  3. Are the Wings a Contender?

    Hey Dickie, it's been awhile since I've posted, so I would expect its a coincidence, but, did you steal my handle? Or were you just doing your job as a reporter? "Dickie Dunn wrote this, it has to be true" As for the topic at hand: yes, the wings are a contender. Especially in today's NHL. A team of this stature 10 years ago? Not so much. But these days, it just takes making the playoffs. There's a lot of parity in the league and it all boils down to who's playing best in April / May. That said, a top 4 RH dman wouldn't hurt.
  4. 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

    Yes, and that would have been a gamble. It would have been a disaster if he coupled that gamble with another $30M on an aging stay at home defenseman. Just like I think it's a disaster for Washington. I could be wrong, but I think Niskanen is going to have to continue to improve for me to be wrong. Losing out on Suter/Parise a couple of years ago was far more disappointing than missing out on an aging Boyle (who probably made a knee jerk, look at the box score - Rangers just went to the finals, my career is almost done reaction after coming out of yet another shocking playoff exit in SJ - I mean you've got to expect some mental anguish from anyone coming out if SJ) or a possible one year wonder Niskanen. I think I just broke my record for longest sentence, lol.
  5. 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

    http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/531033 I this is a pretty reasonable summary. In the end, I think we gave too much money to Quincey, but it's not a complete bust. We could have pulled a Washington and thrown an extra $62 Million at two defensemen, one of whom is aging poorly and the other has had only one good year. Looking at the players that went, I think the Wings missed out more at forward than in a weak D market.
  6. Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    Let all the UFAs walk. Buyout one of the following: Tootoo, Franzen or Weiss. It would be a tough call on Weiss, because you're gambling on if he can produce again. If he's hurt, he doesn't count against the cap. Tootoo is an easy call, but less impact. Better to just bury the $1.9M for one more season. You can't really buy Franzen''s production for less money, but that would be more about the future. His dry spells are getting longer and longer and I don't relish what it might be like to watch him when he's 40. Either way, that will give us over $20M in cap space. Use $5-$6M to re-sign our RFAs Dekeyser, Sheahan and Tatar. Should leave about $15M available. Use that to sign one of either Statsny or Vanek. Then use the rest to sign either Niskanen (long term), Boyle, Markov or Orpik (short term). If any thing is left, re-sign Legwand. Dats-Z-legwand Vanek/Statsny-Weiss/Helm-Nyquist Tatar-Sheahan-Jurco Miller-Weiss/Helm-abdelkader Res: Andersson, Tootoo, Glenny Kronwall-Niskanen DeKeyser-E Smith-Oullete Res: Kindl, Lashof Howard mrazek Maybe re-sign Monster instead of Legwand?
  7. Two games in a row we come out and Howard gives up a soft goal. Both games we respond by playing like we've been shot.
  8. Wings buy out Colaiacovo, will keep Bertuzzi

    I think using a buyout on Carlo is a waste. IMHO, he was one of our top 4 defensemen in the playoffs, and is paid less than at least one guy who he outplayed (Quincy). I think he could and would crack our lineup even with DeKeyser back. Now, we are relying on Smith to step it up and Quincy to play to his potential every night vs. having a guy that came in and played rock solid in our back pocket. And we're doing this why? To keep Samuelsson?? WTF??? I don't have too much of a problem with the Cleary deal, though I wish it was more like 2 years at 2M or 2.5M. I know a lot of people want a star player in his place, but I'd argue that he brings some of the things to the table that we need: he'll go to the net, he plays tougher than his size and he gives 100% every time out on the ice. He's like Rudy - I wish I could put his heart into Franzen's body. I don't have too much of a problem with keeping Bert too. If he's hurt, we can IR him and maybe get someone else (IR doesn't count against cap?). While if he's truly healthy, he can bring some size, grit, toughness and scoring.
  9. Other Rule Changes? (Trapezoid?)

    Treat the over the glass play as an icing and get rid of the automatic penalty. If you ice it or shoot it out of play in your own zone, no line changes. I have no problem with the coach using his timeout - he only gets one a game. I would also get rid of the trapezoid - let the goalies handle the puck. It won't stop offense. The chip and chase methods that are detracted will be offset by 1. more goaltender puck handling errors and 2. good puck handling goaltenders creating more transition offense for their teams. Allow coaches one or two challenges a game, but only for automatic calls (icing, offsides, too many men, high-sticking, etc.). Referee discretion penalties (tripping, hooking, holding, slashing, interference, etc.) are not subject to challenges. Challenges must be called during stoppages, before the puck is dropped. Oh, and get rid of all advertising on the ice itself - we're only a few years away from becoming Europe or the ECHL if this continues. Finally and most importantly, if we're going to keep the shootouts and have 3 point games, make it International rules: 3 points for EVERY game (all games should be created equal). Regulation win = 3 points, OT/Shootout win = 2 points, OT/Shootout loss = 1 point and Regulation loss = 0 points. At a minimum, this will get rid of the benefit teams have found by tying regular season games. At best, it will create more 3rd period urgency in tied games - getting that 3rd point vs. guaranteeing yourself only 1 point and no more than 2 points should help. For those that think this takes the integrety out of historical records, I argue this: it's already been lost. The very first time 3 points were rewarded in a game shot that history all to hell. Proof? 100 points used to be a great season, now you need almost that just to make the playoffs.
  10. Griffins GM 7 - tonight

    Billins is a local kid (at least for me). He's from Marysville, MI and played his college hockey at Ferris State - helped guide Ferris to the National Championship game last year. The knock on him has been his size. I think scouts realized his offensive abilities but he was doubted as to how well those would translate in the professional game and how well he would keep up in his own end. After this season, he's shown that he definitely has the skills at the AHL level. I think he will at least get some offers for a tryout somewhere in the NHL and, at the very least, some team will put him on their protected roster. He just turned 24 - you never know what could happen with some more time in the AHL.
  11. Hell Yah Wings

    I agree, great season and great run by the Red Wings. Most teams rebuild with lottery picks. We rebuild by ousting the #3 overall seed in round 1 and taking the #1 overall seed to game 7 OT before losing. Hopefully they can re-up Dats for 3 more years. Z, Dats, Abby, Nyquist, Andersson, Brunner (re-sign him please), Franzen, Helm (hopefully he fully recovers), Tatar, Emmerton, Eaves, Kronner, E, Kindl, DeKeyser, Smith, Lashoff and Howard could all be together for 3+ more years. Add a proven top 6 forward or two to that along with potentially keeping Miller/Quincey/Cola around a little longer. Not to mention some of the other young talent we have waiting and the future looks bright. Can't wait for the East. To show how excited I am, here is my extremely early preseason Eastern Conference prediction: Our division (along with playoff seeds): 2. Boston 3. Montreal 4. Detroit 6. Toronto 7. Ottawa NA. Tampa Bay NA. Buffalo NA. Florida Other division: 1. Pittsburgh 5. NY Islanders 8. Washington NA. Columbus (could sneak by Washington though) NA. NY Rangers NA. Philadelphia NA. Carolina NA. NJ Devils
  12. Well, there are 5 teams left in the playoffs as of right now. They consist of the last 5 Stanley Cup Champions. Red Wings need to win tonight to ensure its 4 of the last 5 still alive and not the last 4. Let's Go Red Wings!!!!
  13. In the end, it boiled down to the penalty shot. Not much we can do about that, but come out more determined than ever in game 7. If anything, we proved in this game that we can play with them when they are fighting tooth and nail. We were all over them for a 30 minute stretch there. Need to focus on what was working in the 2nd half of the 1st and the 2nd period. Bottom line: we're still way ahead of where anyone thought we would be, including me.
  14. Trade Smith ASAP!

    I hate to say it, but Smith needs to be taken out of the lineup for game 7. His confidence is shot right now and Chicago is in his head. Send him back to GR to play in their conference finals and let him try to get some work in defensively. The way I see it, this team has 3 options: 1. Put DeKeyser in and tape his hand to his stick. 2. Dig up Ian White from whatever doghouse he's been living in. 3. Put Lashoff back in there and tell him to focus on his end of the ice and making good outlet passes.