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  1. That was a fun read...much better than Drew Sharp's drivel in our own Free Press.
  2. Whoa, Crosby leapt over all of the Habs now. Malkin is closing in on Tanguay for 4th too. Iginla meanwhile actually increased his lead over Z and is getting closer to Dats now!
  3. Emery's a victim of lazy-ism and bad attitudism, not racism.
  4. Not surprising, he fit in well there. I wonder what the terms are.
  5. The package that Tampa's getting back isn't horrible. Carle's young enough and from what I've seen has offensive potential. Plus they shed the salary, got actually 2 defensemen, plus picks. At least they didn't trade a defenseman for a forward or something like that, they've got a ton of those as it is.
  6. Still waiting... but lol @ the fans who say they hope the Leafs to go 0-82 so they can get the #1 pick...
  7. Haha yep
  8. Fan590 reported that it is believed that Vancouver made the $10 mil offer (2 yrs/$20 mil total).
  9. Antics aside, the first name that came to mind was Sean Avery. He might end up being a decent off-season pick-up for someone.
  10. Sakic?
  11. Kids born in the 90's being that makes me feel old
  12. Those 5-10 minute breaks between some floats/cars was kinda annoying (it must've been for TV commercials?) but great parade nonetheless.
  13. There's actually a lot of posters on the Av's board that were rooting for the Wings. Mainly because we beat they say, if you're going to lose, at least lose to the champs.
  14. Rafalski definitely is a good choice, you could tell by how happy he was when he scored (what was then) the go-ahead goal in game 5 that he really wanted to contribute. He fit in so well. Although Lidstrom could be a candidate too...even though it's weird to say that the team's captain (and Norris trophy winner to boot) was "unsung", he is just so solid without being flashy that he's even better than a lot of people league-wide think. The losing streak we went through while he was down is even more proof.