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  1. PS

    I was waiting for a Hanzel and Gretzky reference of some kind
  2. PS

    DoanFace apparently has competition.
  3. PS

    I created a fan page if you guys want to collect the DoanFaces there! DoanFace
  4. PS

    I just love the Dwayne Johnson meme.
  5. The Lovin' Jiri Fischer Stairway
  6. PS

    golf jokes are so zzzzzzzz
  7. PS

    Wanted to make a quick one because I saw this picture.
  8. GDT

    The way I saw it, the puck went off the back of Hiller's pad and probably would have gone in regardless of Cleary doing anything. And when a Duck defenseman has room to get in between Cleary and Hiller, it can't really be interference!
  9. GDT

    Every time I turn back to FSN I see Hair York so I stopped watching for any coverage.
  10. GDT

    We won. It's over. Let's try to be the classy fans we wish others would be.
  11. GDT

    Well obviously they are already crying foul over the GWG
  12. GDT

    Didn't see Getzlaf give Ozzie a little hug. I can like him now.