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  1. Top Ten Red Wings Goals (of the modern era)

    I have one uploaded already..
  2. Top Ten Red Wings Goals (of the modern era)

    in which way.. ? Here's Zetterbergs Top 10. And here's the youtube of the Top 10 Red Wings goals, which I also captured.
  3. Top Ten Detroit Goals

    I captured the clip and uploaded it on youtube for those who are interested.
  4. Official: Hasek announces retirement

    Captured these two last night.. Dominik Hasek announces his retirement. Top 10 Dominik Hasek Moments
  5. Videos

    Here's a little compilation of the celebration after the game I just uploaded.. (available in Higher Quality aswell, doesn't work with embed videos tho)
  6. Videos

    A bit of him in this clip.. Stanley Cup Playoffs Tribute 2008 - A Look Back (TSN's Formula 1 Speed) Both of them are available in High Quality (doesnt work on embed videos tho)