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  1. Wow, Pittsburghers are really ticked

    Man that TV reporter is a real ******. I think he made a great decision if he wants to win a cup. Yeah the west is a tougher division but the wins have four of the last eleven cups and the pens haven't won a cup since 92. I would have done the same thing.
  2. Mickey Redmond and a Penguins Fan

    I would love to see Mick kick the living s#@t out of that guy. Someone post that...
  3. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    Try Media Player Classic or VLC
  4. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    Sweet, thanks for this.
  5. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    If you are just trying to conver your HD cap to a standard dvd then you should use ConvertXtoDVD, however if you are trying to release a "smaller" version of the HD cap ie 4 gb as compared to 25 gb then check out the fourms and guides at
  6. awards vids?

    Also check out There is a copy there from the VS coverage but it is missing the first 5 min. 86 seeders and is "free leech". Only your upload counts for the newbies EDIT: I guess I should read all the posts first, nice post Reds4Life
  7. Sports Illustrated Cover

    As far as Wings/Stanley Cup coverage is concerned you are correct. But from a collectors point of view, this just feeds the habit...
  8. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    Works like a champ
  9. Sports Illustrated Cover

    This is the regular weekly magazine. Just picked mine up today at Meijer Two articles that you can read here and here
  10. Sports Illustrated Cover

    Notice any difference. This is a way better cover then the commerative issue IMO.
  11. It is nice to see that kind of honesty in sports now a days.
  12. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    Can't wait for that, should be awesome. Yeah these are sourced from HD but are not true HD. There are games one through five up with game 6 to follow shortly that are 720 HD with 5.1 surround.
  13. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    I haven't done HDTV editing but maybe you can try something like this
  14. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    Oh man, I am all over this like white on rice, thank you kindly
  15. 2008 Stanley Cup Gear Checklist.

    Just picked mine up today from Schulers in East Lansing.