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  1. Friday: Florida @ Carolina Dallas @ Calgary Saturday: NY Islanders @ Boston Pittsburgh @ Toronto Atlanta @ Ottawa Anaheim @ Philadelphia New Jersey @ Florida Washington @ Detroit Carolina @ Tampa Bay Los Angeles @ St Louis Buffalo @ Nashville Colorado @ Chicago Columbus @ Phoenix Montreal @ Edmonton Minnesota @ San Jose Sunday: Anaheim @ NY Rangers Dallas @ Vancouver
  2. Friday Florida vs Chicago St. Louis vs Detroit Philadelphia vs Carolina NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Saturday Chicago vs Florida Vancouver vs Colorado Detroit vs St. Louis Carolina vs Boston Montreal vs Buffalo Philadelphia vs New Jersey Pittsburgh vs NY Islanders Ottawa vs NY Rangers Toronto vs Washington Tampa Bay vs Atlanta Minnesota vs Columbus Nashville vs Dallas Calgary vs Edmonton San Jose vs Anaheim Phoenix vs Los Angeles Sunday No games are scheduled for Sunday.
  3. Adam Banks.
  4. There was some good talent left at 29, ala Carter or Despres. Here's to drafting Klingberg or Rajala at 32.
  5. PS

    Why Franzen shouldn't be afraid of the Ducks..
  6. PS

    took me awhile, but i think i figured out how to use gimp.
  7. PS

    my contribution, using microsoft powerpoint and the crop button. if someone with photoshop or better skills wants to jack this be my guest.
  8. darkhorse for the calder next year?
  9. Draper getting his face rearranged by Lemieux was the catalyst for one of the best rivalries in NHL history. Maltby, at least I think it was Maltby, on the pnealty kill in the Finals against Carolina. He blocked like two shots, lost his stick, and still managed to kick the puck out.
  11. Bad News: horrible third period, bad giveaway by datsyuk, and we'll never hear the end of this from the pens fans Good News: Jordan Staal is on my fantasy team
  12. Friday: Dallas @ Chicago Vancouver @ Anaheim Saturday: Edmonton @ Carolina Dallas @ Boston Washington @ Buffalo NY Rangers @ Toronto Atlanta @ New Jersey Montreal @ NY Islanders Chicago @ Columbus Ottawa @ Tampa Bay Florida @ Nashville Pittsburgh @ St Louis Minnesota @ Phoenix Calgary @ Los Angeles Sunday: Edmonton @ Philadelphia Toronto @ Carolina Florida @ Atlanta Calgary @ Anaheim San Jose @ Colorado Detroit @ Vancouver
  13. Friday: Anaheim @ Ottawa Philadelphia @ New Jersey NY Rangers @ Columbus San Jose @ Florida Atlanta @ Detroit Los Angeles @ St Louis Saturday: New Jersey @ Philadelphia Atlanta @ Boston Ottawa @ Toronto Anaheim @ Montreal Carolina @ NY Islanders Pittsburgh @ NY Rangers San Jose @ Tampa Bay Los Angeles @ Nashville Columbus @ Minnesota Washington @ Dallas Detroit @ Chicago Florida @ St Louis Buffalo @ Colorado Edmonton @ Vancouver Calgary @ Phoenix