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  1. vOrophin

  2. Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    I can't imagine the crap that is going to come out of LGW if the offseason/next season does not go well for the Wings. This move is going to be cited so many times as the cause of anything negative...
  3. Jimmy Howard has championship skills

    Saying that Howard played poorly in the playoffs is setting your standards very high. For the most part he played well, nothing insane but not a bad performance. He did have several weak moments and stretches, but I don't think those moments constitute him playing poorly overall. I agree that Babcock mismanaged the goaltenders though, although it is much easier to say that now that everything is said and done. When the Wings were in 9th-10th it didn't seem so bad to go with the hot goalie and hope he gets into the zone and stays there, which he did. However fatigue is something to consider, despite how much players will deny it.
  4. Boston/Philly Game 7

    Leino +2 with 1 assist in the game so far. Nice to see him succeeding somewhere, even if he sucked with the Wings.
  5. Wings Eulogy

    The thing I thought was funny was that he ragged on Helm... the guy who scored the series winner vs his team last year. Also the strikethrough thing isn't that funny when used over and over is absolutely hilarious, he should have used it more, with worse examples.
  6. Will you discontinue paid NHL viewing for next year?

    Where is the option that you didn't pay for anything this year?
  7. Who do you cheer for now?

    Not unless they face the Pens in the final.
  8. Ritola

    He is a far better fit on the bottom 6 than Williams so far.
  9. Stanley Cup Winner?

    Canadiens, I'd love to see them go through Ovechkin and Crosby to the Cup Finals.
  10. Most Profitable Cup Final

    Hmm, in that case it might be the best option, riding on the back of Canadian fans. Looking unlikely at the moment though.
  11. Most Profitable Cup Final

    Chicago/Vancouver vs. Pitt/Montreal The two US teams are big expanding markets with a ton of bandwagon potential, Vancouver/Montreal would depend on everyone in Canada watching every game, probably not as good because Flames/Oilers/Leafs/Sens fans would not like it (from what I have heard, seems like most Canadian fans like their Canadian team and hate the others).
  12. Ritola in for Williams in game 4?

    I loved it. It was horrible execution by Williams.
  13. Expecting too much?

    Sharks won 3 straight in close games, it is not ridiculous to think that the Wings can do the same. After that it is 1 game for everything. As the cliche goes, you haven't lost until the other team has beaten you 4 times.
  14. Homer's slashing penalty and Z's disallowed goal

    I guess it's futile to stop LGW homers from being homers, but hey. Slash was ridiculous, I didn't see anything in any replay indicative of a penalty. Z's goal was disallowed because of other incidents that have already occurred in the playoffs, early on there was a precedent set and now the people in Toronto are sticking with it. Unlucky for the Wings, but at least they are trying to be consistent. Homer's interference penalty was because of the 2nd push after Boyle had already come into contact with Nabokov, and it was not one that was good to take. I have a little issue with that one because if Nabokov was not 5 feet out of the crease it would not be called, and the fact that goalie interference was called without any contact from Homer to Nabokov (instead of just interference being called). Still, it was something that Homer did not have to do that hurt the Wings' opportunity to end the game in regulation.
  15. WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    Hahaha are you kidding me? You're going to defend the boarding call? The refs obviously had a HUGE influence on this game but to say they only hosed the Wings is just blatant homerism. This game is probably one of the best examples of the NHL's refereeing incompetence.