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  1. 09-10 Number Juggling

    Assuming Lids lets us know beforehand that he plans on playing an additional 2-3 more years after his current contract, then it is a no-brainer to trade Raf (assuming we want to keep Hossa). Think of it this way, are we really not going to keep Hossa and solidify our top 6 forwards for the next 5 years so we can keep a guy who may only be our 3rd best D-man? Add to that, that we would still have a great top 6 and I don't see the problem... Lids- Stuart Kronwall- Big E Quincey-Meech Kindl/ Vet UFA Or something to that effect. You don't pass on a chance to have 3 top 15 forwards if you can manage a way to get it done.
  2. 09-10 Number Juggling

    I looked at his contract details on this website, and it never said he did.
  3. 09-10 Number Juggling

    If Hossa wants to stay, and we want him to stay, we will make it work. As others have said, the cap will rise, and that will help. One option to clear up a lot of cap space, at a position of strength, is to trade Rafalski and his $6 million cap hit next off season. I'm not saying I would do it, b/c that would leave us thin on the blueline assuming Lids does not play past the age of 40. But, if Lids and the Wings do know that he wants to sign a contract extension, and with the continued development of Kronwall and Stuart, and the anticipated development of Big E, then Rafalski would probably be the guy to go to make room for all of our forwards.
  4. Obligatory forward lines thread for next season

    I expect Z and D to be split up. I also think you will see Draper taking a reduced role this season, and Hudler asked to play top-6 minutes (at least, initially, and he will be on a short leash.) Here are the lines: Homer-Dats-Hossa Franzen-Zet-Hudler Cleary-Flip-Sammy Maltby-Draper-Kopecky This is, of course, assuming Flip re-signs (and it would be a big loss if he did not). Also, any contribution from Leino or Helm, etc. would be completely unexpected but it certainly could happen. I just think with these lines, we can roll 3 scoring lines, and one grind line to play physical and provide some hits and defense. It also allows Drapes and Maltby to take reduced roles.
  5. Remember that Stuart rumor?

    The first part of that rumor on another forum was correct. Stuart signed with us, got his no-trade clause, and I believe he called the exact cap hit. Now, the second part of that rumor involved us sitting down with Jagr and possibly signing him. With Rolston gone, and Sundin and Hossa probably gone, and the Rangers tying up a bunch of cap space to their "D," could Jagr be coming here?
  6. Red Wings, little Drama

    At this point in his career I would not want Feds to take ice time away from Flip or Huds on the second line. However, if he accepts his role and understands that we need his strong defensive play, then I think he would be an upgrade over Draper as the 3rd-line center. This would shift Draper down to the 4th line, preserve his legs for the playoffs and make him more of a Pk and faceoff specialist. It also will allow Helm to play 20 minutes a night in GR and play in all situations, and grow more as a player. Feds also would take Sammy off the point of the PP, and he would obviously fit right in with our system. And, interestingly enough, he was there at Chell's Chilli Bar when the players were celebrating their cup win. Could it be a sign of a reunion? Perhaps, but I would bet that he would stay in Washington.
  7. Some good news for Red Wings

    Great, great post. Sammy and Huds always receive undeserved flack here. The production we get from guys who make that little money (and Franzen and Z) is the reason why we won the cup. Now, some of the criticism is warranted for these guys. Hudler has to become a better skater and defensive player and it may be time to see if he can play a full season on a scoring line. And, Sammy is definitely not your ideal second-line player, but he is a great 3rd/4th line player. If Sammy was able to play 3rd line minutes and was removed from the PP, then I think a lot of his flaws would be masked and he would be an even more useful player to our team.
  8. Drake leaning toward retirement

    Yeah, I misunderstood what you wrote. My bad. I agree, I can't see Helm or Abdelkader playing in Detroit next year unless there are a plethora of injuries. However, while Downey and Mac could be our 12th and 13th forwards, I don't think Kenny wants them to be. Offering them two-way deals allows us more flexibility and the ability to sign one to two FA forwards.
  9. Bertuzzi placed on waivers.

    Given that it is for only 1 to 2 million and on a one-year deal, and that we have exhausted our possibilities of signing Sundin or Rolston, then I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him come back and taking Drake's role. With him, Franzen, Homer and Kopecky, we could roll out four separate lines with big guys who are tough to knock off their skates and more than capable of delivering some hits of their own, and protecting some of our smaller guys. I doubt Kenny does it, but we shall see.
  10. Drake leaning toward retirement

    No, signing Mac and Downey to two-way deals means that we can and probably will send at least one of them down to GR (assuming there are no injuries). Therefore, this would give us the flexibility to go out an acquire one or even two FA forwards and keep Helm, Mac and Downey and Abs in GR in case of injuries.
  11. Drake leaning toward retirement

    Assuming Flip is re-signed then we have 11 forwards locked up. Therefore, offering Mac and Downey two-way deals would seem to indicate that he expects to sign at least one forward and/or to keep Helm on the roster.
  12. Say bye-bye to Schneider (could he be a guy we court at the deadline next year, assuming he is playing on a poor team and is on the trading block?). They need to unload him to have any chance of keeping Perry. And, they need a second-line center, but they don't have the money to add one.
  13. Some good news for Red Wings

    Assuming Stuart walks away, then this would be a definite possibility. We can offer Roltson about the same money that we would have offered Stuart (only for a shorter term). We would still be able to fit in Z and Franzen's salaries. The only problem is, one of (or both of) Hudler or Sammy will probably not be able to come back. Assuming Rolston is signed here is the potential roster for 09-10: Forwards: Z- $7.5 million D- $6.7 million Franzen- $4 million Rolston- $3.5 million Filpulla- $3 million Cleary- $2.8 million Holmstrom- $2.25 million Draper- $1.583 million Maltby- $0.883 million Kopecky- $0.75 million Helm- $0.598 million Abdelkader- $0.740 million McCarty- $0.500 million Defencemen Lids- $7.450 million Rafalski- $6 million Kronwall- $3 million Lilja- $1 million Ericcson- $1 million Quincey- $0.750 million Lebda- $0.650 million Goalies Osgood- $.1.417 million Howard- $0.800 million Total Salary: $57.371 million Lines- Z-D-H (can Homer still play top-line minutes by this year? Rolston-Flip-Franzen Cleary- Helm- Kopecky Maltby-Drapes-Abs (Drapes will take a reduced role and become more of a face-off and pentaly kill specialist) Lids-Ralf Kronwall-Ericcson Lebda-Lilja Q Ozzie Howard So, assuming the cap rises a couple million, we could definitely sign Rolston and keep our core.
  14. This Years Mr Irrelevant

    Sammy is a good 3rd or 4th line guy in this salary cap world and I would be shocked if we do not re-sign him during the season to another 3-year deal. He can play in a variety of situations, and fit on a scoring line and checking line, play on the power play and is a very good defensive player. Should he be getting top-6 minutes? I don't think so. But on the third or fourth line, he is a real good, solid player who gives us a lot of depth. People who want to get rid of him feel that way b/c he probably is over matched playing on the second line and on the power play. But to get rid of him makes our third and fourth lines a lot weaker and we would be relying too much on one-dimensional players like Maltby, Kopecky and McCarty.
  15. Wings Roster for next season

    Ultimately, I expect us to sign all of our RFA's, and Lilja and Chelios and McCarty. I also expect us to sign a veteran center. I think Michael Peca is the ideal choice in that role. He is a playoff warrior, a renowned two-way player, a veteran and will provide leadership. Although, I think Bobby Holik and Bryan Smolinski and Craig Conroy could also be options that Holland looks at. I also think Hudler will be given every opportunity to earn top 6 minutes this year. He is a RFA next year, and we have to know if he is due a raise in salary and can be counted on for top-6 minutes for years to come, or if he will always be a 4th line-power play specialist. As a result, I see Sammy moving down to play with Drapes and Cleary. Defensively, I see Lilja playing with Kronwall provided that Ericcson does not completely wow us in camp and forces us to waive or trade a d-man. Then, I think the three of Lebda, Meech and Quincey will be rotated on defense, while Chelli sits in the press box. All in all, re-signing these veterans will alllow Ericcson to play 25 minutes a night, and allow Helm to play in all situations and further develop as a player. Here are the lines I see us going with: Z-D-H Franzen-Flip-Hudler Sammy-Drapes-Cleary Maltby-Peca/Holik/Smolinski/Conroy-Kopecky McCarty Lid-Rafalski Kronwall-Lilja Lebda/Quincey/Meech Chelios Then, I project us to add a #4 D-man at the deadline (a Mattius Ohlund, or Matt Schneider perhaps? Of course, if Schneids in still with Anaheim then it won't happen but assuming he is traded before the season to a poor team, and they struggle then he could be an option. I also think we will sign a veteran goalie to a two-way deal to push Howard in training camp. Dan Cloutier might be an option. Ozzie Howard