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  1. paul19010

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    im not saying you shouldnt hate them. but why? i mean, they are pathetic franchises. they have won, NOTHING. yeah, San Jose knocked us out the past 2 years, but they had a better team, and still could not win the cup. i understand why you hate them, im not saying its wrong. your post just made me reflect and i just dont hate them, cause they have done nothing and are nothing. now, i hate the avs, and the ducks, i ******* HATE THE ******* ducks. but we destroyed their franchise in 2009, and thats all over, just like we destroyed the avs in 2002. those are the only 2, i dont even think the hawks are worthy of my hate. they won a cup, but they didnt have to play us, and when they did play us we smoked them 4-1. but the sharks and canucks, unless they knock us out this year, i cant hate them, thats almost beneath us. this year, i feel we have a better team than both of them, so if they knock us out, maybe i can find some hate. anyway, dont take this the wrong way, im not saying its wrong, im just reflecting on my own hatreds, and i just dont think those franchises are respectable enough for my hatred.
  2. paul19010

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    i kind of feel bad for the canucks fans, i mean, this is what they get celebrate? its not like they stopped us from tying it, we were like what 2 or 3 games over the streak? lol. i guess when you have no titles, and the one crack you get, you choke it up in the most brutal fashion possible, you gotta find accomplishments in whatever you can. i mean seriously, 2009 for me was tough, but that was nothing compared to the 2011 canucks, that was one of the most brutal ways to lose a cup i can remember. i almost mourned for them, i felt so bad, LOLOL! i mean, think about it, we lost a game 7 at home, but how many titles do we have to fall back on? like an entire bed full of money. but them? they have NOTHING, I mean NOTHING to fall back on. that must have felt like death. so yeah, they can talk s***, i still wont get mad at them, cause i feel bad for them.
  3. is this "great sigh" going to be anywhere near as bad as the "great sigh" you are going to have when you realize that in the past 2 years when you finally had a team better than the Red Wings, you STILL could not close the deal and win the cup, and now that window of opportunity is closed? that my friend is a "great sigh". this is a nice streak, something to be proud of, but it is nothing compared to a championship. i know its impossible for you to comprehend this since it has never happened to you. perhaps your team not getting anywhere near the Stanley Cup, EVER, has caused you to view this streak as something bigger than it is?
  4. paul19010

    Flyers Haters

    I live in Philly, and I have never run across unsolicited comments in all my years as a red wings fans until now. Apparently this streak has pissed off alot of Flyers fans, and I have been told that this streak is BS and deserves an asterisk. Its to the point where its almost like how the Pats fans were treated during spy gate, and that was outright cheating. What kind of an area is this where such a great streak is treated in such a way? Here is an article for an example, its even the press here: any of you living outside of Detroit finding a similar attitude? I have to wonder if its a Philly thing, I mean they havent won a cup since the 70's, and the Wings were one of the teams that blocked them from winning on in 97.
  5. paul19010

    Realignment decided - 4 Conferences

    I dont like the fact that they are taking 4 from each conference, I think the top 8 in the east and top 8 in the west should make the playoffs. So now if you have a really competitive conference, the 5th team in that conference could have 98 points and miss the playoffs, but in the other conference the 4th team can have 95 points. thats bulls***. thats like when in the NFL the Pats went 11-5, but because of division winners getting an automatic, the chargers at 8-8 went in instead. right now the races in the east and west are epic, why would you change that? i dont get it.
  6. paul19010

    WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    Its odd, I have been more proud of this team this year, and last year with how they battled back in the 2nd half of the season, than i have with the cup wins. as a sports fan, im just not sure how much more the Wings can give me. I think looking at the Sharks fans and seeing how they have won NOTHING, I am I sitting here with multiple conference and stanley cup titles. i love hockey and love the red wings. cant wait until next season. its been a great ride.
  7. paul19010

    WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    I have a bottle of champagne that I bought for 2009 game 7 that is still sitting in the fridge. I only bust out champagne for championships, but tonight if they win, I am opening the bottle and spraying it. I feel like we're playing with house money, this series was over, only a 1.8% chance to come back, and the wings have forced a game 7. Down 0-3 I was looking at an off season of not being proud of the red wings, first time since 2006. But now, if they lose, I can be proud of them, but if they win, they pull off one of the most epic come backs in the history of all of sports. I am not allowing myself to think about the big picture if they win as far as winning the cup. right now I am focused on game 7, and the opportunity to do something special.
  8. paul19010

    Can The Wings Win This Series?

    I am excited that the Wings have an opportunity to force a game 7, and I feel good about their chances. What im trying to figure out is, if they were to win this series, how big is that in the big picture? How close is a 0-3 come back to a championship? I know its not a championship, but its special. If they were to pull this off it would be one of my all time proudest moments as not only a wings fan but a pro sports fan. There is still a bottle of unused champagne in my frig from the 2009 stanley cup finals, I have decided that if they come back and win this series, I will uncork it and spray it all over my ******* living room. I only do that for championships, and while this still would not be the same as winning it all, it will come close.
  9. paul19010

    WCQF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 3

  10. paul19010

    WCQF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 3

  11. paul19010

    Sounds like more Versus/NBC for the next few years

    Yeah, they need to get Thorne and Clement, hockey is not the same without them.
  12. paul19010

    Zetterberg leaves against Carolina this most recent mlive reports seems to indicate that its not too serious of an injury, but he is working out with a knee brace? thought it was his ankle?
  13. paul19010

    "rebuilding mode..." What?

    that comment does not even make sense. if they dont win it, they rebuild? thats news to Ken Holland! LOLLOLOLOL! Babcock has even said there is a 2 year window (2011, 2012) with this team. this guy is paid to write about hockey? wow. whats the next thing he is going to say? "if the wings dont win the cup, Babcocks job is in danger" lol
  14. paul19010

    Is this the end?

    i have doubts, but dont think its the end. i mean, as another poster pointed out, that 10 out of 11 in 2008 was crazy. this is no where near that. i also think they lost 7 out of their last 10 in 2009. last nights game was f***ed up but didnt crush me like the phoenix game. i mean quick stood on his head and i think in a 7 game series the wings would beat him. with that said, i am feeling down right now, i just want this one so bad, i think about game 7 like every day. i feel like if they win it this year, i can look at game 7 as adversity, like they lost a franchise crushing game, but kept it together, made the playoffs in 2010 when most teams would give up, and then won it all again in 2011. im not looking forward to the playoffs, they are going to brutal.
  15. paul19010

    Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

    I resumed watching Hockey in 2002, I had stopped watching for a while and was kind of a nomad after the team I was fan of ceased to exist. (Hartford Whalers, and f*** the Carolina Canes, they are not the Whalers). Anyway I decided to get back into it in 2002, and picked the Wings because Brendan Shanahan was my favorite Whaler (behind Mike Liut) because he was so awesome in his short time their and was a bad ass mother f*****. I was a bit hockey ignorant, and while I knew the Wings were a good franchise, I didnt realize how loaded they were, I then became excited as no team of mine had ever won a professional sports championship in all my 27 years of sports fandom. Here is how I felt about each year: 2002: Hockey newb, during the first part of the season thought they were a good team, by the end of the regular season and after the espn mag cover I knew this was a loaded team and felt great about their chances. That was until losing the first 2 home games in round 1. Were the sports Gods that cruel to play this sick joke on me? I was certain after losing game 5 against the Avs it was over. Little did I know that it would be the most epic run of any of my sports teams, and deliver me my first professional sports championship, against the ******* ******* Peter Karmanos and the Canes. 2003: High off of the cup run I thought they were a lock to win another cup. I remember looking at the bracket and dismissing the Ducks, and figuring they would eliminate them in 5. What a crushing shock to get swept in the first round by the 7th seed. I was slammed back down to earth. 2004: I was excited to avenge that previous years devastating loss, and when they traded for Lang I remember hearing it on the radio and was certain they would win it all. I still cant figure out how they lost to Calgary, I guess it shows how important Stevie Y was, when he got hurt, it was over. I really wished Hatcher could have played longer for us. 2005: To have to wait an additional year to try to remove the horrible taste in my mouth from 2004 was torture. I remember being so angry, and talks some s*** like "if they dont play im not going back" LOL! 2006: I wasent sure what to think at this point, and I remember all the talk was about how the Wings were done because of the cap. I was so excited that they got the #1 seed and was ready for another cup run. After game 6 in Edmonton it was probably my lowest point as a sports fan in my entire life. 2007: I remember thinking, yeah, so what if they have a good regular season? That doesnt mean s***. I went into the first round against Calgary thinking if they lost again in the first round I dont know if I could stay sane. Game 6 in OT in Calgary turned out to be one of my favorite sports moments of all time. That joy was short lived as I was staring a 3-1 hole against the Sharks with a minute or so left in game 4 of the 2nd round. That was one of the most incredible playoff games I have ever been a part of. I was so happy the Wings made it to the conference Finals, that while the game 5 loss was soul crushing, I was happy that off season that they got that far and felt they had a good team. 2008: I remember thinking they were a good team, but didnt know what to expect. When they choked up back to back 2 goal leads late in games 3 and 4, I thought "Not again!" Johan Franzen changed all that in game 5 in OT. After that series I just was in awe of how good they played, and I didnt even have a chance to doubt a cup run until game 5 of the Finals. Finally they won it all after those early exits. 2009: I couldnt believe they got Hossa in the offseason, and I knew they were stacked, but repeating was so hard to do. It was a great run with a devastating finish, but I can look back fondly on the Ducks series. It did leave a horrible taste in my mouth, but on the other hand, I hadent had a team win a championship in 27 years until 2002. Now I had 2, to not get the 3rd was easier to deal with since I could focus on the previous 2, plus like I said, winning that Ducks series was almost as good as winning it all. 2010: I didnt have high expectations, but was hopeful. This was the single most grueling season I had ever been a part of. Seemed like every game was long and drawn out with a shoot out loss. It was like a ground hog day nightmare. Then they went on that amazing run after the olympic break and went from out of the playoffs to the 5th seed, and then won game 7 in Phoenix. I walked away last year being very proud of the Wings. 2011: I want this cup so ******* bad, I want to get rid of the game 7 nightmare against the Pens. But I have some doubts. But I feel good at the same time, they have the talent, and I think they have a good chance, but thats been the case almost every year. This is going to be a stressful and brutal playoffs, but hopefully it will end in euphoria and 16 numbers at the top of our forum.