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  1. Lol. Ok, I wasn't sure where you were located.
  2. Which mall?? My fiancee bought me mine at DC Sports in Lakeside mall and they had a bunch, and Lids there looked to have them as well. This was about a week ago though.
  3. I saw some of the hats on the guys and thought uh oh, it's gonna be huge. But, mine actually fits pretty good. Any flexfit hats a few years back all had different sizes and always fit well. Now these news hats everyone is using fit crappy, and the bill's are all flat and you can barely bend them on many of them.
  4. I hope a speedy recovery for you Homer! Get well soon.
  5. Awesome. The first 2 parts would be awesome!!
  6. That's cool. Your lucky. It would be awesome if I ever met Hank or Pavs or any of the Red Wings.
  7. Lidstrom will I'm sure. I don't know about Osgood. I think I would like to see it, but I guess it can depend on what he does in his next few years.
  8. That would be nice.
  9. Yeah he looked good to me when I saw him at a pre-season game last season. Maybe he will get another shot?
  10. Thanks for everything Hasek. Hope you enjoy your retirement.