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    why cant i ever find anything cool in a hole?
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    Anything outdoorsy- (rock climbing, camping etc)<br /> Drawing<br /> My PS2<br /> Music- MCR, Senses Fail, Taking back sunday, Foo Fighters, Josh Groban, Matchbox 20, Seether, Shinedown, Alterbridge, Creed, Breakin Benjamin, Three days Grace, Queen, AFI, The White Stripes etc...<br />Movies- LOTR, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, Green Street Hooligans, Miracle (how could u not?), THe Jerk, Napolean Dynamite The Bourne series, Bean<br />Tv- Heroes, Lost, Ghost Hunters, Reno 911 are all i watch these days

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  1. Curtis Joseph

    As poopin (good) as it would be to have my fantasy team dream (cujo/ozzie) come true, i agree hes done. Maybe a few years back if they hadnt got hasek, he'd flourished but not now....
  2. Lids & Oz on The Tonight Show...?

    WELL FINE! *pouts* You'd think that the fact they actually rehearsed their skit, it wouldnt have been so 'off the top of their heads'. A lil more practice maybe it wouldve sounded better Any pics from the skit?
  3. Lids & Oz on The Tonight Show...?

    I dont have it but can i have a cookie anyway?