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  1. Pre-Sale Codes for the Season

    Does anyone have a pre-sale code I could use. I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. 2/5 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Predators 3

    I would have taken Rinne last year over Howard, and I'd take him now. Rinne is a great goaltender and he's put up great numbers on a inferior team. He made Tomas Vokoun expendable, that says something.
  3. John Keating is lazy and sucks

    FSD needs more Trevor Thompson on the Wings broadcasts. I saw him out in Royal Oak once and he was a super nice guy. My buddy also plays in the same adult hockey league as him and he said he's pretty a decent player. He's Canadian and a legit fan of the game. I've actually "fired" Keating when I saw him at the Joe before...well...actually I just yelled "Hey Keating, you're fired" from my seats, he heard me and he just smiled back. Even though he is pretty brutal, I don't care much about who does the Wings broadcasting and I get a kick out of his awkwardness.
  4. 9 dollar wings tickets on sale

    it's true...they do suck. I waited in line last year and bought tickets to 3 games and after the 1st one, i ended up selling the tickets for the next 2 because they were truly obstructed. plus I waited in line like 2 hours which was a joke in itself. sorry guys but it's a myth that there are NO bad seats at the Joe. If you have anything past row 21 in the "corner" sections, you're not gonna be able to see much of the ice. You could always get the 9$ tickets and move up but then you risk looking like a jackass when you take someones seat.
  5. 3/22 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    Apparently "we" aren't... You just don't understand.
  6. 3/22 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    whats the passwords for drumnjs feed?
  7. History Will Be Made

    none can compare to the Bobby Orr goal. I'm glad they are making one of Yzerman but I don't see how they can make that seem very dramatic, unless they use some crazy editing or camera angles that I've never seen.
  8. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous ?

    I didn't bother reading through this thread but I agree with the OP, it is ridiculous. He hasn't even been that bad this season. Sure he's struggled, but so did the rest of our team. I'm sure there is more to it then we know, but regardless...I think Babcock is putting too much faith in Howard. I think Howard is gonna have a great career, but Osgood is a proven playoff performer and Babcock basically gave him the year off. Osgood is a MAJOR reason we made the SCF the last 2 seasons, people seem to have such short memories in regards to Osgood. That's my opinion and I'm not even a big Osgood fan.
  9. 3/19 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Oilers 3 (SO)

    I'm going to make a ridiculously bold prediction and say that Bert is gonna get a hat trick tonight. Anyone know when his last one was?
  10. 3/15 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Flames 1

    Franzen-Datsyuk-Holmstrom Cleary-Zetterberg-Filppula Bertuzzi-Miller-Williams Draper-Helm-Eaves Lidstrom-Rafalski Kronwall-Stuart Lebda-Lilja now that is a lineup! I'm still not used to having all the guys back yet. This will be a doozy! REVENGE WILL BE MINE!!!! I mean ours......theirs.
  11. I loved to hate him MOST during the regular season but he really shined in the playoffs. In hindsight, yeah, I wish he had re-signed. But this is just one of those cases where I just gotta give the guy credit, he's become a soild player...who knew??? (apparently the Canucks).
  12. 2010 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - March 3rd, 3:00 PM ET

    Avs also get Kevin Porter
  13. 3/3 GDT: Canucks 6 at Red Wings 3

    I just got 2 section 208 tickets for $25 total to tonights game, can't beat that.
  14. 2010 Winter Olympics - Quarterfinals

    what a fail by nabakov, he's just not a clutch goalie.
  15. Russia vs. Canada

    I think all USA did was awake a sleeping giant....this Canadian Team looks unstoppable.