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  1. We have really missed Stuey, i'm sure the team is stoked!
  2. i think your statement will prove to be true. but I just love to see ovie and the caps team struggle because i like to shove it down my friends throat. He all of a sudden in the last 3 years has been a "huge" caps fan.
  3. they just didn't do well replacing what they lost in the off season, and because of the awesome weed grown in this area they were just chillin' with my buddies gettin' high all summer. and every year they get complacent when the playoffs start...even last year... yeah they made it to the conf. final, but they had no answer for a player like big boy buff as he slapped his chubbs all over blake.
  4. i heard somewhere that talks are heating up with the nhl...they just didn't say who was calling
  5. i went to the sharks game tonight. They take weak shots, they don't sustain pressure, the forwards haven't really clicked, weak defense, they give up bad bad chances, and the goalies are both play like the back up ...theu don't play as a solid unit....and everything else mentioned above in other comments is also true. you will get your wish soon enough
  6. 2 things i like ... the colors on both....the nhl crest in the middle ... the numbers, and the crap on the arms look dumb.
  7. oh my god that whole video is WEIRD! what a creep...and that last bit is the topper.
  8. Pierre Mcguire looks like a penis with glasses wearing a suit.
  9. the report i read yesterday said blunt force trauma...does anyone know what exactly happened...i figured he was beat to death?...must have jumped....very sad for the family....i hope they can all recover. updated...Health Department spokeswoman Annmarie Beardsworth said Friday that an autopsy by the state Medical Examiner showed that Cavanagh died from “multiple traumatic injuries due to blunt force impact.”
  10. this pic isn't too convincing...both of these dudes are catchers.
  11. Seems like giving our forwards a little time to gel and some good minutes is doing awesome things for the team...i dig eaves as i do with 95% of the team
  12. Congrats Ozzie!...i knew you could do it...kinda
  13. Will a new coach help these guys?....the whole squad seems broke
  14. Other stars are Over-hyped...i don't think really any of the players mentioned are Underrated.
  15. not much to say...s***ious.